Nov 16, 2012

Ask PRN: How Do I Decide Which Newsline to Use for My Press Release?

Writing a press release is one thing.  Deciding how to distribute it is another.  In addition to email and social media, commercial wire services like PR Newswire deliver guaranteed visibility.  But what do you get when you use PR Newswire, and how do you how to distribute your press release?

Let’s start with breaking down some of the components of PR Newswire’s distribution network.   We reach a variety of different outlets and people with the press releases we send out on behalf of our customers.

  US coverage includes:

  • Mainstream news media: Newspapers, radio stations, television stations, news magazines.
  • Special-interest & trade media: Web sites and periodicals devoted to specific industries or subject matter.
  • Bloggers:  Bloggers covering all matter of subjects.  Includes both professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Web sites:  5,975 US web sites syndicate and display PR Newswire press releases.
  • Disclosure points:  For public companies, issuing press releases over PR Newswire satisfies SEC-mandated disclosure.
  • Search & social:  All press releases are archived on PR Newswire’s web site, which has a Google page rank of 8 and is a high-traffic, high visibility news site.  We embed social sharing buttons in all the pages that host press releases, enabling viewers to easily share press releases with their friends and colleagues.

In addition to US coverage, PR Newswire distributes press releases all over the world, in country and in-language.

Newsline options: When picking a newsline for your message, you’ll want to think about distribution of your audience and the nature of your story.  Good questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is my potential audience nationwide, or more localized?
  • Does my story have national appeal?
  • Is my objective media coverage, or online visibility (or both?)

US1 National Newslines: When selecting which newsline to use to distribute your press release, you have a lot of options.   Our US1 Newslines offer the broadest US distribution in the business, combining nationwide media with reach to trades, bloggers and financial outlets described above.

Regional & Special Interest Newslines: However, if your audience really isn’t nationwide, and you want to focus the distribution of your message more narrowly, a number of different geographic options are available.  And like US1, they include mainstream media (within the geography selected, of course) and all of the other goodies we detailed previously.   You can focus on a single metro area, state or region, or you can take a look at specialty newslines to target US technology centers, biotechnology hubs, energy producing areas and manufacturing belts (to name a few.)

Internet Press Release Distribution: But what if you’re more interested in generating web site traffic and online visibility?  In a decided departure from the historical use of press releases, many organizations are simply distributing their messages online.  PR Newswire’s WebMaxPlus distribution circuit enables you to quickly and easily syndicate your message across thousands of web sites, bypassing distribution to media.

Browse different newsline options, request pricing information and learn more about the different ways you can distribute a press release on our guide to newslines and press release distribution.

2 Comments on Blog Post Title

Chris 15:21 EDT on Jul 24, 2013

Just tried Webmax Plus for the first time, excited to see the results!

Sarah Skerik 15:34 EDT on Jul 24, 2013

Thanks Chris! You’ll get your ReleaseWatch report about 2 hours after your press release goes out, which will give you a nice snapshot of your message on some of the websites on our syndication network. Then, keep you eyes peeled for notifications about the availability of other reports – release results accrue over time, so you’ll want to keep checking those too.

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