Jan 28, 2013

Blog Notes: Politics, Personal Finance & Inspiration

blognotes1With the inauguration now behind us, we figured it was timely to visit a political blog that proudly boasts “having an opinion never goes out of style.” PunditMom is written by Joanne Bamberger, an award-winning broadcast journalist who has advised a variety of political and institutional clients on social media strategy. She is one of the first internet voices to speak about the intersection of women and mothers online and political/social activism. Read the full review from PR Newswire for Bloggers here.

Wise Bread is a personal finance blog dedicated to helping its readers “live large on a small budget.” It’s smart to budget and live within your means. Sites like Wise Bread can help. It serves up financial advice that is easy to understand and apply. Its writers cover a variety of topics, including personal finance, debt management, investment, real estate and housing, budgeting, lifestyle, career, and credit cards. Read the full review here.

During the holidays, I am reminded of how time takes care of everything. I lost my father to pancreatic cancer more than a decade ago just before Thanksgiving. The missing bit doesn’t really go away. But when I need perspective on my funk, I visit Makes Me Think. Just read it. The stories there will inspire, amaze, and make you think. The folks behind MMT — Marc and Angel — have a blog called Marc and Angel Hack Life. Read the full review here.

Keansburg, NJ artists and writers Jenny and longtime partner, Aaron, manage the blog Everyday Is A Holiday. Recently, the blog was recognized on NJ.com for its work helping folks along the Superstorm Sandy-battered NJ shore. See, Jenny and Aaron also were deeply affected by the storm, but they count themselves among the “lucky ones.” Their home remained standing. If you read their blog, you’ll find Everyday Is A Holiday is filled with fun, vintage and holiday-inspired things. It’s chock-full of cupcakes, cakes, bunnies and “whatever the other essentials in life are.”  Read the full review here.

Christine Cube is a media relations manager for PR Newswire and freelance writer. You can follow her @cpcube.

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Are these peaple really wise? Who is to tell the truth? I don’t know, but you never know…

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