Oct 07, 2011

Blog Notes: Tech Edition

Working as the blogger relations manager for PR Newswire, I come across my fair share of great blogs that cover a wide variety of subject matters and interests.  And as you might expect, some blogs are better than others. With that in mind and in an effort to highlight the better ones, I do my best to review one of these blogs every day.  This week my focus is on tech blogs. Technology plays a part in pretty much everything we do. (Unless you’re Amish, in which case, no offense, but you’re probably not reading this right now.) Traffic lights, check-out scanners, gchat, cable TV… it’s all tech. To be honest, without technology, I’m not entirely sure what I’d do for a living. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that as we live in a tech world with a great number of blogs writing and reporting on the matter.  So with that in mind, let’s fire up our laptops, charge up our phones and take a tour through this  brief roundup of some of the best tech blogs I’ve seen lately.

Geekologie is not only a funny tech blog. It’s a funny blog, plain and simple. They’re all about bringing their readers ‘the awesome.’ And they do a great job of it. I seriously love this blog. I’m telling you readers to read this blog, yes. But I’m also telling my friends to do the same. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for something to do with tech and I’d maybe start with a joke. Check out the full review here.

That Tech Chick is kind of just what it sounds like. It’s a blog for tech lovers who feel the industry is at times a glorified boys club. This blog is probably the best example of the industry’s changing landscape. Tech is really for everyone these days. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look past the word ‘chick’ and take a look at this woman’s impressive resume. Check out the full review here.

40Tech is the blog for those “over 40, but not over the hill.” It’s a blog about technology that you don’t need to be a computer programmer to comprehend. It’s a blog for your parents, or maybe my parents. (Even though they’re over 60. Sorry, mom, dad and step parents.) If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for something to do with tech for the everyday users. Check out the full review here.

Venture Beat is really a blog about innovation. It just so happens that most of innovation is happening in the tech sector. This is the blog that covers all the moves and developments in the vast technology industry. If something’s bound to shake things up, you’ll probably read about it here. If I were to pitch this blog I’d look for something to do with venture capitalism… and you know, tech. Check out the full review here.

Slashdot is a blog for serious tech heads. But they also have a great sense of humor. Don’t believe me? Try reading out their URL. ( ‘h t t p colon slash slash slash dot dot org’) These guys also have a pretty reasonable editorial policy. They’re open to  trashing companies on the one hand, but work towards sponsorship on the other. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d keep it about tech. And I’d bear in mind that while their policy isn’t black and white, it is transparent. Check out the full review here.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, if there’s a blog I should be reviewing, drop me a line or a note in the comments, and I’ll take a look. Until next time…

Author Tom Hynes is PR Newswire’s manager of blogger relations. And as you may have guessed, he has a twitter account.

2 Comments on Blog Post Title

40Tech.com (@40Tech) 23:48 EDT on Oct 7, 2011

Thanks for mentioning 40Tech! Some great blogs in that list, and a couple I wasn’t familiar with.

tomhynes 17:24 EDT on Oct 13, 2011

So glad you guys liked it!

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