Oct 24, 2011

Brand Streaming: The Need, Opportunity & Impact

At PRSA this year,  I gave a presentation focusing on how brands are streaming their content today and how we need to think a little more strategically on how we do that.   We can’t simply post all of our content all over the place, but need to have a more focused stream for our content.    This is not an easy process today.  We not only have to be quick with content creation, but also agile enough to change up when the market moves.  Dave Armon from Critical Mention interviewed me about the presentation – that video is at the top of the post, and my presentation deck is below:

Streaming The Brand: The Need, The Opportunity, The Impact

Keys communicators need to keep in mind when developing the content to support their brand’s stream:

  • People love a good true story
  • Developing and maintaining the audience’s trust is paramount (no one will pay attention if they don’t trust you!)
  • Make the content accessible: easy to find, view and use.

Learn more about managing brand streams at this week’s FREE webinar hosted by  PRSA and PR Newswire:  Streaming Your Brand: Managing Brand Conversation and Cohesion in a Real-Time World

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Time: 12:00 PM Pacific, 1:00 PM Mountain, 2:00 PM Central, 3:00 PM Eastern
Duration:Approximately 45 minutes

About the Webinar
Content flowing from brand to constituent – and constituent to brand – has become a real-time, always-on stream…streaming across channels to media influencers, social influencers, consumers, policy makers and decision makers, and then streaming right back to you – full of insight and opportunity.The ability to more effectively and proactively manage this “brandstream” has much to do with your ability to lead conversations, ensure brand coherence, protect reputation and drive business results. From targeting to distribution to analysis, from social to traditional, the technology and tools now exist to allow you to unleash real-time communications and content opportunities like never before.

Join us as we take a closer look at the essential tools, tactics and practices to help you manage and empower your brandstream.

Presented by:
Tom Stein, President and Chief Creative Officer, Stein + Partners Brand Activation
Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Social Media, PR Newswire

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