Mar 01, 2013

Content We Love: An Effective Angle & Approach


I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a press release work in today’s connected information environment, and made a simple conclusion. Whether or not the message in interesting to the audience is what will make or break your communication campaign. So, for today’s edition of Content We Love, I’m going to take a different approach, and hone in on the story angle, and I’ve found a nice example to share from amidst the copy we’ve been running about an unpopular (or at least unloved) topic – income taxes.

Tweetable tax code

I truly couldn’t stop reading the press release from CCH titled, “Tweet This: The Modern Income Tax Turns 100, CCH Takes a Look Back…and Ahead.” As soon as I read the line, “While the tax code today stands at an estimated 4 million words, the amendment itself was nearly “tweetable”– at just 164 characters, according to CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business and a leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services (,” they had me by the nose.  I read the press release clear through to the end.

The release compare tax rates from 1913 to today’s, presented in easy-to-read charts within the release, and does a nice job of presenting the fact that today’s tax code is complex, and most organizations need professional help, and CCH can provide that service.  There’s a very clear line between the message and the company’s business objective.  It’s smart.

Making it easy to report:

However, there’s another aspect to this press release that’s worth noting, and that’s the fact that the authors also provide copious useful links to a variety of historical charts and other data within the body copy, making it even easier for a journalist or blogger to write a story. CCH served up a great news hook garnished with lots of data and facts.

Did this approach work? CCH packages a lot of content into their press releases, and a cursory search shows that they garners nice mentions as a result: Measuring Your 2013 Tax Pain, or 100 Years of Unhappy Returns  100th Anniversary of the 16th Amendment

Dallas News Biz Beat Blog:  Income Tax System Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Delaware Online: 44,000 Pages of Favors & Confusion Income Tax Turns 100 in 2013: Die, Monster, Die!

Kudos to the PR team at CCH on a well-prepared, well-researched and clever press release!

sarah avatarAuthor Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of social media, and is the author of the e-book “Unlocking Social Media for PR.”  Follow her on Twitter at @sarahskerik.

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