Sep 06, 2013

Content We Love: Bullets for Breakfast


“Content We Love” is a weekly feature written by a team of our content specialists. We’re showcasing some of the great content distributed through our channels, and our content specialists are up for the task: they spend a lot of time with the press releases and other content our customers create, proof reading and formatting it, suggesting targeted distribution strategy and offering content optimization advice. In Content We Love, we’re going to shine the spotlight on the press releases and other messages that stood out to us, and we’ll tell you why. We hope you find the releases enjoyable and the insights gained from discussing them enlightening.

milk breakfastLooking back, mornings at the beginning of the school year always felt hectic and frenetic to me.  Always in a rush to get out the door, the priority was to have something in our stomachs by the time that first bell rang to be in class.

It’s known breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With that in mind, the California Milk Processor Board set out to make sure kids are fed a nutritious meal before school starts. Their release, Eat Breakfast, Win Money For Your School sets the tone of the priorities and establishes it with killer content.

The premise of this promotion is simple:

  • Breakfast is important.
  • And so is good content.

Making breakfast exciting? A headline, bullet points, and an image keep the audience captivated.  What sets this release apart is how seamlessly certain assets are interspersed to naturally draw the reader’s attention.

  • Headlines are notorious for being paramount; this is the introduction to a story and readership depends upon it.

Eat Breakfast, Win Money For Your School automatically captures attention because…sure, I’ll eat breakfast to win money for my school! Pithy and succinct headlines DO matter and have a direct correlation to those taking an interest in the release. For the case of the California Milk Processor Board, I couldn’t help but be intrigued which ultimately lead to this feature!

The use of a bulleted list to indicate school districts invited to participate is an easy and simple draw; it breaks up chunks of text to allow “breathing room” for readability. While bullet points are unnecessary in novels, the attention span of an audience rarely maintains throughout a multitude of lengthy paragraphs. Bullets not only break up the text, but also provide key points to deliver your message.

This release proves that your release doesn’t have to be excessively flashy to draw the eye, and it is remarkably fitting to have a straightforward release for an important message.

Breakfast is important. Content delivers every time.

Thank you to California Milk Processor Board for allowing us to showcase a terrific release!

Author Robbie Thomsen is a Customer Content Specialist for PR Newswire. Off duty, he often can be found in the kitchen, experimenting with myriad foods and techniques. 

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