Jun 28, 2013

Content We Love: Buzz Worthy Content

ContentWeLove“Content We Love” is a weekly feature written by a team of our content specialists. We’re showcasing some of the great content distributed through our channels, and our content specialists are up for the task: they spend a lot of time with the press releases and other content our customers create, proof reading and formatting it, suggesting targeted distribution strategy and offering content optimization advice. In Content We Love, we’re going to shine the spotlight on the press releases and other messages that stood out to us, and we’ll tell you why. We hope you find the releases enjoyable and the insights gained from discussing them enlightening.

Whole Foods Market University Heights' produce department with and without items dependent on pollinator populations. (PRNewsFoto/Whole Foods Market)

Whole Foods Market University Heights’ produce department with and without items dependent on pollinator populations. (PRNewsFoto/Whole Foods Market)

Action is the ultimate impact of news. Buzzwords of “viral” become the goal that one message, one story will have the strength to not only impact the audience, but cause them to take action.

When I first saw Whole Foods Market’s release showcasing what a grocery store would look like without bees, I was captivated by the image of a grocery store with and without the handiwork of bees.

Our studies show adding a visual increases your visibility and it isn’t because we just like pretty pictures– audiences globally are inherently interested in images. So what better what to showcase up your story!

After the story was released, Huffington Post picked it up, showcased the image front and center and even tweeted about it. This spun retweets, more repostings and even a petition to protect the bees.

From a story with a photo, to message boards and social media globally, this release shows adding an image = buzz.

Big thanks to Whole Foods Market for a BEE-utiful press release.


Author Emily Nelson is a Customer Content Specialist for PR Newswire. Follow her adventures on www.bellesandawhistle.wordpress.com or on twitter www.twitter.com/emilyannnelson.

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