Aug 30, 2013

Content We Love: Curating Company Content & Keeping it Current

ContentWeLoveOver the last couple months, I’ve been talking a bit about the long life spans of press releases, as well as tactics to drive the discovery of the content our brands publish.

A fantastic example of using a press release to surface content, keeping it fresh and relevant to audiences, crossed the wire a few days ago.   Titled “FM Global Urges Property Owners to Avoid Complacency Following U.S. Presidential Task Force Report on Hurricane Resiliency,” and issued by FM Global, this press release about hurricane preparedness will deliver lasting value both readers and the brand over the coming months.

FM Global used a press release to tie existing content assets to a timely news story, driving discovery of the company's message.

FM Global used a press release to tie existing content assets to a timely news story, driving discovery of the company’s message.

What seems like a simple release initially is really a master class in framing the company’s message within the audience’s needs.

Using a Presidential report from the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force as a news hook, FM Global wrapped a variety of related content – ranging from basic hurricane prep to more sophisticated hurricane risk data – together for  their audiences, offering links to the content along with brief descriptions of the available information.

Pro tips: 

  • Using the title of the Presidential report in the headline improves the visibility, credibility and relevance of the story.
  • FM Global used trackable links to serve the related content within the press release, ensuring they will be able to see exactly how many people clicked on the links within the press release, and which pieces of content were most popular among readers.

Best of all, the communications team at FM Global has created a press release that will be useful to journalists covering the topic, as well as the individual seeking more information on hurricane preparations and insurance claims.

By curating their own content, bundling it together for easy consumption and then using a current news angle to create currency for the information, the FM Global team has done a great job of utilizing existing content assets, getting more out of those original investments while at the same time inserting the brand into the current news stream in a thoughtful, useful and relevant way.

Author Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing, and is the author of the e-books Unlocking Social Media for PR and the newly-published  New School Press Release Tactics.  Follow her on Twitter at @sarahskerik.

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