Feb 22, 2013

Content We Love: Michaels Stores Crafting Multimedia


Coloring was my favorite activity as a kid.  In the lines, outside the lines, I loved for my world to POP with a panoply of hues.  When I read Michaels’ Announcement of Top 2013 DIY Wedding Ideas, the color leapt from the page and I could not contain my glee!

Photos! Video! Bullets!
Pure joy to my technicolor world!

Michaels Stores' press release made robust use of multimedia, but the text of the release was formatted to capture reader attention, as well.

Michaels Stores’ press release made robust use of multimedia, but the text of the release was formatted to capture reader attention, as well.

Telling your story can call for the assistance of multimedia. In Michaels Stores’ case, showcasing the 2013 DIY wedding ideas (complete with color schemes) included a visually compelling press release that incorporated images, a movie, and bullets.

Whether it’s a company logo, an individual, an event, an infographic, or photos of great wedding ideas, images increase the visibility of a press release. We are drawn to pictures!

And if pictures are worth 1,000 words…
what does that mean for a video?!

A press release will paint a picture. The words leap from the page, the visuals showcase the news, but a video? A movie is the mini-story, the bonus features, the blooper reel we are instantly drawn to and captivated by. 

*Including a video in your release takes your message to another level. You’re making your content come alive for each reader and allowing your message to cross the threshold to more platforms.

Michaels Stores colored outside the lines with including bullet points within the press release.

Amending the text-block approach, Michaels broke up the message into bite sized pieces. Having bullet points are the pauses in public speaking. They are the breaks in text to allow easier readability of your news.

  • In short, the inclusion of bullet points within your release aids for each reader to fully grasp your message.

When crafting your release, don’t forget to add the multimedia elements to make your story pop! Break up your message using bullet points for readability. Best part? You can join in the DIY fun!

Thank you Michaels Stores for the great release with party favors.


Author Emily Nelson is a Customer Content Specialist for PR Newswire. Follow her adventures on www.bellesandawhistle.wordpress.com or on twitter www.twitter.com/emilyannnelson.

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