Jul 26, 2013

Content We Love: The Golden Key

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Ahhh, Summer.  That perfect time of year for road trips and adventures.  Growing up, my brother and I would explore some new and exotic (to our young minds) culinary delight from around the world.  Due to this adventurous spirit, we were able to indulge in such unique vittles.  These experiences molded my brother and me into the people we are today–completely and utterly fascinated with food.



Looking back, I believe those trips instilled something in me that is of colossal though intangible value.  My fascination with food has spilled into my personal life and I when I saw The Food Network’s release about The Great Food Truck Race, I was immediately intrigued.

The story is the sense of adventure instilled by a challenge.  Here, a youthful and somewhat playful impulse–to try new food on a new adventure–is coupled with America’s entrepreneurial spirit in the form of financial support to start a new business in the unique niche industry of traveling food service.

Multimedia Captures An Audience

This release is a multimedia press release which means it includes “assets” to fully showcase the story. And just like the food, the images are fresh.

Instantly the viewer is drawn in with the background of the release. Pictured is a man holding a golden key. Is this the golden ticket? Curiosity leads to the story which leads to the very reason I love this release. One can’t help but read the story!

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The components are simply laid out and filled with pictures upon pictures, a compelling video, and social media elements. Not only does this allow all readers to seamlessly and flawlessly go on an adventure through the race, but also connects the audience with the story hands on.

The visuals provide us with a glimpse into a world of food service.  I want to see all these teams succeed, and even further, I want to get my own food truck after watching the video. What could I specialize in?! Falafel? Lamb shanks? No–let’s not get too crazy here.

This release catches our eye, and promises us–like the contestants in the show–that we can accomplish anything by following our dreams.

A hearty thanks to the Food Network for sharing the adventure with us!


Author Robbie Thomsen is a Customer Content Specialist for PR Newswire. Off duty, he often can be found in the kitchen, experimenting with myriad foods and techniques. 

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