Nov 22, 2013

Content We Love: Turning Owned Media into Earned


Preparing the weekly Content We Love post is an interesting exercise.  When it’s my turn to do this feature, I cruise over to PR, and let my eyeballs wander over the headlines.  Invariably, an item will leap out at me, and without fail, those that do are stellar examples of press release writing.

avg huffpoToday’s example is no exception.  The headline garnered my attention, the subhead kept it and the body of the release sealed the deal over and over again, keeping my attention with crunchy facts and links to additional information. 

avg 4 traders

The press release referenced in the HuffPo piece. It was issued via PR Newswire & syndicated across the web, building visibility for AVG’s story. 

Here’s the title: ‘Over 1-in-3 small businesses spend more time tidying their desks than backing up their data.’

Issued by AVG Technologies, a provider of security and privacy software for computers and mobile devices,  the release is also a great example of what I see as a growing PR trend for 2014:  using owned media (in this case, a survey) to generate earned media.


AVG’s PR team pulled an irresistible news hook out of the data findings, wrapped it up into a tight press release, graced it with their colorful branding and generated some fantastic news coverage.

avg small biz media

In addition to the media hits, the story is also one of the most-emailed on the PR Newswire web site, an important indicator of reader value.  Getting eyeballs to a story is one thing.  But generating interaction is another story entirely. In addition to amplifying the story, search engines pay attention to stories generating interaction, and they use that information to inform search rankings.  

So across the board, this is a real PR win – in terms of earned media wins, social media traction and ultimately in search engine visibility.

Kudos to the AVG team on a story well played!

Author Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing, and is the author of  the newly-published ebook  Driving Content DiscoveryFollow her on Twitter at @sarahskerik.




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