Aug 21, 2012

Customer Content Specialists: What’s in a Name?

Content specialists in our Cleveland office. (Hi guys!)

When I walked into my first day at PR Newswire six years ago, I was excited to start my new job as an “Editor.” The news junkie in me was thrilled that I’d be spending my days proofreading and distributing organizations’ press releases to the media.

However, over the last six years, my job (along with my colleagues) has evolved to stay ahead of the constantly changing Communications industry.

Just as PR Newswire is now much more than a text wire service, I no longer perform only the duties that editors at PR Newswire once did. While we still process and proofread your press releases, our role is more about adding value to your content, helping it come alive, and increasing the visibility of your message.

This change didn’t happen overnight, though. It’s been a gradual evolution. As our industry has changed over the last few years, PR Newswire’s editors have likewise learned how to advise you on keywords, SEO, social media, the benefits of multimedia, and other ways to deliver greater audience engagement for all of your content.

And now I’m proud to say we have a new name that truly reflects what we are capable of:

The PR Newswire Editorial team is now Customer Content Services.

Your Customer Content Specialists are here to

  • help find a distribution that will gain you the results you’re looking for;
  • serve as a liaison between you and the audiences you want to reach by providing the know-how and technology needed to reach them;
  • take an active interest in how PR Newswire can best tell your stories to the world by counseling you on communications best practices;
  • and help measure and understand the success and reach of your messages.

Our editors haven’t gone anywhere and you won’t experience any changes in the service you have become accustomed to. Rather it was recognized that the title of ‘Editor’ was very limiting in what it conveys to you.

My colleagues and I can help you during every stage of the process – before, during and after each news release is distributed. From identifying how to best meet your objectives all the way through evaluating and measuring your message’s overall success, Customer Content Specialists are available 24/7 (even on holidays) to provide guidance.

Although we still proof and format your press releases and are available over the phone to answer questions about your account, we are also looking at how we can optimize your messages for search engines and social media; whether a localized, national or global distribution is best; how to target your news to media or investors specific to your industry; and how to best incorporate multimedia content.

Ultimately, our job revolves around driving your – our customers’ – content in a constantly changing industry, and improving the results our work together generates.

As happy as I was to be called an Editor when I first started at PR Newswire, my colleagues and I are energized by the change in our title.

And we hope you are too. By more accurately identifying ourselves as your Content Specialists, we hope you will actively take advantage of all we have to offer beyond just editing your news release.

Amanda Hicken is a Senior Customer Content Specialist in PR Newswire’s Cleveland bureau.  In her free time, she pens the blog Clue Into Cleveland and can be found on Twitter @ADHicken45 tweeting about comic books and the city she loves.

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