Sep 05, 2012

DNC 2012 Day One: Event Prep & CarolinaFest

Brian Taylor on the floor at the 2012 Democratic National Convention today.

PR Newswire arrived to the Democratic National Convention early Monday morning to an increasingly packed scene.

The Charlotte Convention Center was bustling on this Labor Day with journalists prepping for the next day’s start of the convention, volunteers corralling themselves in pockets inside and outside of the building, locals and tourists documenting everything happening around them, and law enforcement officials securing the perimeter and surrounding streets.

Bird’s eye view of Radio Row

PR Newswire’s Jean Arnold, director of customer content services, and Christine Cube, media relations manager, both from DC, spent most of the day in the Joint Press Office, which operated and moved a lot like a newsroom. Phones were ringing, meetings happened, and a lot of groundwork for the convention was taking place. It was an impressive operation.

The PR Newswire team — joined by Brian Taylor, vice president of public interest markets, and Jennifer Cotton, director of the Mid-Atlantic sales region — made its way over to CarolinaFest, a family-friendly festival that was to kick off the DNC week in Charlotte.

Prepping the stage for today’s opening ceremonies

The festival was great. Despite intermittent downpours, thousands of local residents, public officials, media, and law enforcement came out to enjoy live music, local fare, and get excited about the week to come.

The work starts at the Democratic National Convention today. Day 2 dawns …

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