Dec 10, 2010

Engaging Opportunity (and Journalists and Bloggers) on PR Newswire Web Sites

A Five Part Series Based on Insights from Independent Research Firm for PR Newswire

Part One: Reaching Professional Media & Influential Bloggers

In the summer of 2010, PR Newswire engaged Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey (PR Newswire: Web Site User Analysis & Opportunities, September 29, 2010) of our web audiences on and PR Newswire for Journalists (   We were looking to understand more about our user demographics; their current habits on the web and what they were looking for in the future.  With almost 3,000 respondents to the survey on both sites, we received a good deal of insight into who uses these sites and how.

Since it took weeks to analyze the data and hours to present it, I am going to spare you all the agony of a long, drawn-out blog post.  Instead, I will boil down the information into five posts, each focusing on one of the groups we identified as frequenters of our site.  These five groups include: the media (both traditional journalists and bloggers), our customers, individual (retail) investors, product researchers and social visitors.

We’re focusing on media this week on Beyond PR, so I would like to begin this series of blog posts by tackling how our survey respondents on PR Newswire for Journalists (PRNJ) answered the questions we posed to them.

First off we found that the PRNJ members were more loyal and more “social” than visitors to our public web site.   We were pleased when 50% of PRNJ respondents answered that they visited the site daily.  Of those responding to the survey, 73% said they came to the site looking for story ideas.  This is a tremendous opportunity for PR Newswire customers.  We are front and center in the media’s workflow, with 89% of the journalists responding that they visit certain websites weekly and 81% of them said PR Newswire for Journalists was one of those sites.

In terms of being “social,” by nature of their jobs, journalists and bloggers are the highest on Forrester Consulting’s  Social Technographics Ladder (link to as Creators.  Obviously, this group is very active online when it comes to publishing their own blogs and web pages, uploading video and audio, and writing content online.  What was surprising was that they were active all along the ladders, doing things like tweeting or updating their status (conversationalist), rating products or commenting on our blogs (critics), using RSS feeds or tagging (collectors), maintaining profiles on several social networks (joiners) and reading online (spectators) .  With this level of participation on the web, the journalists and bloggers of our PRNJ site are not just more social than the average user, they are actually social superstars!   Getting your message in front of these superstars is sure to have it go viral.

In addition to the journalists and bloggers on PR Newswire for Journalists one-fifth of the audience on our public web site are also journalists.  The public web site,, is a powerhouse for online visibility, with an average of 3.2 million daily unique visitors.  With your message on both of these sites, you are not only reaching professional media and influential bloggers, but also their audiences and our audience as well.   I’ll tell you more about those 3.2 million daily unique visitors next week.

Authored by Sandra Azzollini, Director of Online Content & Community, PR Newswire

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