Jun 22, 2012

Fashion Blogs: Strike a Pose!

This week my focus is on fashion blogs. For some, fashion can be an obsession, a path toward spirituality, even a form of fitness.  But, no matter how much you love your wardrobe, everyone’s got to dress themselves. And, no matter what anyone tells you, everyone wants to look their best. Luckily, there are options out there for people of all budgets and all styles.  So with that in mind, let’s straighten our collars, buckle our boots and enjoy this brief tour of some of the best fashion blogs I’ve seen.

Your Style Savior is not necessarily a religious blog. Though, the author is certainly passionate about saving people’s styles. Basically, she wants to help. And that doesn’t mean suggesting the most expensive items available. The site wants readers to look good without breaking their banks.  If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for stories on fashion, but probably not spirituality. This is not the blog to pitch priestly robes. Check out the full review here.

Put This On is a blog dedicated to making men look their best. Whether it’s a guide for summer styles, what to wear on an interview or how to find a tailor, this blog wants to help their readers. The site also promotes second-hand (yet still good) threads on eBay, as well as extensive sections on how to fix and maintain clothes you already own. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for anything to do with men’s fashion. The clothes they feature are stylish, even if they’re not always the most expensive. Check out the full review here.

Where Did U Get That is a question you often hear when clothes are being discussed. It’s not enough to compliment style. There’s always more to the story. The “where” is also so very important. This blog looks to answer that question, ask that question and share the answers with the readers. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for stories about the retail industry. Items surrounding the smaller boutique scene of either New York City or London would probably also work here. Check out the full review here.

Shopping Is My Cardio is one woman’s (usually) daily blog dedicated to making life more stylish. This blog represents a passion turned into something tangible. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for stories surrounding fashion. But, you know, don’t let the search engine do all the work. In other words, this is not an exercise blog! Check out the full review here.

Cashmere & Tweed is a blog dedicated to covering all the events, designers, products and pageantry of the fashion industry. The site may be relatively new, but it’s also pretty fearless. If I were to pitch this blog, I might look for anything to do with fashion events, up to and including Fashion Week. Collections that are heavy on, well, cashmere and tweed would probably work, too. Check out the full review here.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, if there’s a blog I should be reviewing, drop me a line or a note in the comments, and I’ll take a look. Until next time…

Author Tom Hynes is PR Newswire’s manager of blogger relations. And as you may have guessed, he has a twitter account.

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Svetlana Koslov 11:26 EDT on Aug 7, 2012

“Shopping is my cardio”…Love the headline

Marie 14:03 EST on Nov 7, 2012

I love fashion and found this interesting. Thanks.

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