Jun 12, 2012

Introducing Agility: Media Targeting, Monitoring & Response

It’s taken months and months to develop, and more than 300 customers have road tested it.  We’ve done the market research, listened to the feedback and have tested it and tweaked it and tightened it and polished it.  And today, it launched.   “It” is Agility, our new workflow platform for public relations.

Agility makes agile engagement possible, marrying a giant media & influencer targeting database with powerful media monitoring and real-time response tools.   Users can define audiences, research influentials, distribute messages, monitor results and manage responses in real-time all in from one sleek and intuitive dashboard.

Agility is covered with fingerprints from all across PR Newswire – it seems like everyone had a hand in its development.   We’re all very proud of this unique – and very useful – new platform.  We hope you’ll take a second to view the video, and scan the press release.  If you like what you see, we’d be happy to give you a demo.

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