Nov 21, 2011

Media Gobble Up State Farm’s Turkey Fryer Safety Campaign Starring William Shatner

William Shatner stars in State Farm's turkey fryer safety campaign, produced by PR Newswire's MultiVu division. (Click this image to see the MNR and the video!)

What do turkey fryers, car insurance and William Shatner all have in common?  Oh, nothing really, unless you’re one of the thousands of journalists and bloggers who have read about  State Farm’s latest campaign and contacted the company for more information.  That’s what happened last week immediately after we distributed two Multimedia News Releases (MNRs) for State Farm.

Content marketing pros have long been saying that content is key when it comes to capturing your target audience, and this is yet another great example that when you have creative and informative content, you will garner those highly desired eyeballs.

Some background: The State Farm communications team consists of several Star Trek fans.  After reading an article about William Shatner getting burned by a turkey fryer on Thanksgiving one year, they decided to approach the actor about working on a viral safety video.  Since Shatner has such an established fan base already, they felt that his involvement would help raise awareness surrounding the dangers of turkey season.  A few calls were made, and Shatner ended up shooting the video with State Farm’s production team and utilizing PR Newswire to distribute it to the masses.

Both MNRs launched the same day with a goal of having one emphasize the viral safety video and the other MNR focuses a bit more on the harder hitting news stats around holiday safety.

A separate MNR detailing turkey fryer fire stats accompanied the safety video from State Farm. (Click this image to see the MNR and the video.)

Within a couple of hours of distribution, State Farm reported back to us that they could barely keep up with the media inquiries about the Shatner campaign.  Both the Huffington Post and Washington Post put the story on the front page of each of their sites for the day and video views on the State Farm YouTube channel were well into the thousands.  CNN and other big media called in to get more information on the story, and the page hits on both releases continue to grow.  The best part?  State Farm didn’t even pitch!  They simply allowed their MNRs to tell the story.

Judging by the number of views on State Farm’s YouTube channel and the page views on both MNR pages, good content can always be found!

Author Gena Sabin is MultiVu’s online services product manager.  The Multimedia News Release is one of the stars of her product portfolio.

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Judi at ACCURATE REALTY GROUP 13:01 EST on Nov 23, 2011

Homeland Security announced Turkey fryers unsafe this week on the news! William Shatner can sell anything!

Budget Car Insurance Guy 13:43 EST on Feb 10, 2012

This is hilarious. But, it goes back to a major theme in marketing these days: Tell a story. And if you let someone famous tell a story, well, you’re good to go.

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