Sep 19, 2011

ProfNet Connect Blog Roundup: Good Customer Service, Video CSR Reporting, ProfNet Connect Anniversary Party

ProfNet Connect, our free online community for journalists, bloggers, PR pros, experts and communicators of all stripes, features blog section where members can write and post as their hearts desire.  The site is chockablock with interesting people and content.  Here are some of the most popular posts from last week. Enjoy!

Transparency: A Critical Component to Good Customer Service. Do You Have It?
Why can’t every company deliver good customer service?  They could, but most companies have put themselves in a position that doesn’t allow them to execute with the needed level of internal and external transparency to bring this additional value to their customers. Ed Shepherdson, SVP of Enterprise Solutions, Coveo, takes a look at a topic all companies should think about.

#ConnectChat Recap: Social Media for Writers
Social media has changed the way journalists, bloggers and other writers develop story ideas, manage resources, and promote their work to a wide cross-section of readers. But with the number of social media platforms increasing by the day, how can writers wade through all the social-media noise and find the ones that will be most useful to them? Maria Perez, Director of News Operations at ProfNet, hosted the latest #ConnectChat to help answer this question.

Trend to Watch: Video CSR Reporting
Video CSR reporting can serve as an effective counterbalance to the traditional written report, if thoughtfully produced. Seri McClendon, CEO of CLEAN Agency enlightens us about this particular suggestion.

Activating Your Marketing Mix with Mobile
If you’re a marketer, there’s no doubt you want to increase engagement, sales and loyalty with your consumers. Sure, your traditional media mix of print, TV, radio and email helps create conversations with consumers, but if you’re seeking to turn those conversations into meaningful dialogues, you definitely want to consider mobile. Melissa Lederer, Marketing Consultant at Vibes Media provides some lessons to help with mobile initiatives.

ProfNet Connect Anniversary Party:  Join Us!
This month, ProfNet Connect is celebrating its first anniversary, and we’re ready to party! If you’re in the NY metro area, please join us on Tuesday, Sept. 27! We’ll have special guest speakers, food and drink — and, of course, cake! Join the ProfNet team including Evelyn Tipacti, Community Editor, ProfNet Connect.

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