Mar 04, 2011

Real Time Search & Implications for Communicators

While the concept of real time search results is fairly new to many of us, for Rob Garner, vice president of strategy for digital marketing agency iCrossing, it’s nothing new.  He’s been researching, writing and speaking about the evolution of real time search results since late 2009, and I included some of his observations in a post about real time PR last year.

We know the ability of Google, Bing and other search engines to find and display content just seconds after it was posted to Twitter has real ramifications for anyone using content to reach and engage their online audiences.   To get the latest update on real time search and implications for marketing and PR pros,  I interviewed Rob yesterday on the subject, and here’s what he had to say:

Many thanks to Rob for talking with us.  Find more of his thinking (along with others from iCrossing) on The Content Lab.

Authored by Sarah Skerik, vp social media, PR Newswire.

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