May 24, 2012

Showcase *YOUR* Social Media Expertise

Have you built some expertise in the area of influencer targeting and engagement?  If the answer is yes, consider showcasing your expertise by contributing to “The Definitive Guide to Social Influencer Engagement,” an e-book PR Newswire is crowdsourcing.

The editorial theme of the  ebook is targeting influencers in social media. Identifying the members of your audience that can bring the most value to your brand and knowing how to effectively engage and build sustainable relationships with these influencers plays a crucial role in any successful earned media campaign.

This eBook is designed to provide the reader with the successful strategies, helpful tips and best practices for targeting influencers in social media – all from thought leaders and experts in earned media – and this is your opportunity to be counted amongst them.

Why participate?  This is a unique opportunity to share your social media prowess with our broad community – and yours! It’s a chance to be published in something that will be widely distributed among communications professionals all over the world. Enhance your social visibility and boost your credibility as a thought-leader.

Table of Contents

We’ve provided the framework for the crowd-sourced eBook. Below you’ll find the table of contents and chapters, as well as additional editorial topics for each chapter.

CHAPTER 1 – What’s an Influencer? Who Are They?

Different Types of Influencers, for example:

Rock Stars vs. Connected Pros on the Rise

Big Time Bloggers vs. Knowledgeable Enthusiastic Self-Publishers

Mass Media vs. Niche Media

CHAPTER 2 – Gauging Influence


The Importance of Scoring Systems (for example “Klout,” or “Kred”) and How to Use the Information

Measuring Influence Among Followers, Fans, Friends

CHAPTER 3 – Finding Your Influencers

Helpful Tools & Platforms

Using Analytics to Identify Influencers Among People You Already Know – Current Customers, Media, Followers

Influencers You Don’t Know (But Want To) –How to Make That Initial Connection

Creating Your Perfect Blend of Influencers

CHAPTER 4 – You Have Influencers – Now What?

Building a Strategy for Influencer Engagement:

Strategic Outreach

Choosing the Channel or Platform to Use (Blogging, Speaking, Etc.)

CHAPTER 5 – Measurement and Future Engagement

Different Types of Influentials:

Analyzing Outcomes

Ongoing Relationship Building

Follow Up On Activity

WILDCARD CHAPTER – Create Your Own Topic

Do you have great advice to offer on our overarching topic, but it deserves another chapter? You may create your own chapter and submit content to a topic of your own choosing. Please suggest a chapter title, too.

Interested?  Here’s how to submit your chapter.

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