If you are investing in content marketing, it’s your goal to be the expert opinion people seek. You want to be a thought leader. Read on for four qualities of great thought leadership content.

Maintaining a blog can be a rewarding way to showcase your expertise, passion and impressive writing skills—but it isn’t without challenges. The market is saturated with brand blogs, and it’s difficult and time-consuming to produce consistent, engaging content your audience craves. How does your brand become an industry influencer with a blog customers value? During PR Newswire and […]

Let’s begin with a little mental field trip. In the mid-2000’s, MySpace and Facebook were battling it out for social media dominance. On the front lines of MySpace, users had the creative freedom to customize virtually every aspect of their pages – backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc. – which resulted in both glorious personal expression … […]

There is no more universal love/hate relationship in business than our unending use of PowerPoint. When well crafted, a slide deck can help speakers tell a story that inspires their audience. However, the all-too-common response to yet another PowerPoint presentation is a sea of dull-eyed stares. You’re not alone in looking for the love. As the […]

For those not able to attend the Content2Conversion 2015 conference, #C2C15, these are a few of the themes and ideas that resonated in thinking about the year ahead.

PR and marketing teams are leveraging each other’s strengths to meet new audience demands, giving rise to content marketing and brand journalism as desired skill sets. Both are involved with creating content that audiences find interesting and useful, but does that mean they are one in the same? Can the terms “content marketing” and “brand […]

Famously dubbed the “Me Me Me Generation” by Time Magazine in 2013, millennials have gotten a bad rap for being lazy, narcissistic, and entitled. But the mainstream still has a vested interest understanding the passions and behaviors of this elusive generation, whose innate tech-savviness has become one of the driving forces behind innovation today. A […]

It’s no secret that creating and using long form content is contextual – and the investment should be channel and audience specific. For the right audience, and the right outlet, long form content can return dividends. But what about when it just isn’t the right format for your audience? Just because the content may be […]

The weeks leading up to the first Sunday in February are a test of creativity for marketers whose brands are not “official” sponsors of professional football’s biggest event. Given that the big game is one out of a handful of times when consumers are not only interested in but looking forward to hearing what brands […]

Remember back in the 80s and 90s how cool it was to get all of the “personalized” merchandise that had the most popular names featured on them? Pencils with “Jennifer” and “Michael,” key chains with “Steve” and “Jamie,” if you can think of it, chances are there is a name version somewhere out there. Carrie […]

Not every company sells the new,  “cool” product that makes the top of  their target customer’s “must-have” wishlist. Sometimes a particular product or solution only becomes of interest when the buyer has discovered a previously unidentified need and has already begun researching options. At this point, the buyer knows what problem they want to solve […]

2014’s biggest achievement in the non-profit space is a no-brainer– the donations for The ALS Association driven by Pete Frate’s inspirational #icebucketchallenge video set a new precedence for the industry. I can only dream that every non-profit has this kind of luck in 2015 but, realistically, not every organization will benefit from a viral hit. […]

For PR and marketing pros, the New Year symbolizes unknown changes in technology and audience behavior that are inevitably to come. Conquering the challenges that arise from unexpected change is both an exciting and nerve-wracking feeling. Some of the obstacles we faced in 2014 included defining the right goals, producing enough content to accommodate the […]

Today, executives are challenged to forsake corporate norms and adapt quickly to evolving business expectations from both employees and consumers. As the nature of business transforms from the inside-out, new workplace disruptions are inevitable. To help organizations navigate these challenges and embrace change, CEB (formerly Corporate Executive Board) used a campaign microsite titled, “2014 Insights […]

Several questions on how non-profit organizations can use innovative marketing to generate funds were asked during the Q&A portion of our “Communications Trends for 2015” webinar. Valid concerns around securing investment for non-profit marketing were raised, but CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose asserted that the need for content creation and promotion is “as big, […]

If 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour and over 500 million tweets are sent per day, then how can any brand produce content that will be heard above the noise? Contrary to popular belief, the solution is not simply to create more content, but to make better content a priority. At the […]

PR has traditionally been dependent on the voices of journalists to broadcast brand stories and serve as unbiased influence. But as newsrooms shrink and brands compete against the latest viral stories for media attention, digital channels have created more opportunities for communicators to take control of their messages and place them directly in front of […]

Your content marketing program is humming along – but what is really going to make your content marketing program sing? Composing a content promotion strategy may be the key. Now you can join us for a first look at new research and expert insights into how successful content marketers orchestrate content promotion strategies to reach […]

Communicators have become publishers in their own right which has the evolved the press release into more than just a pitching tool. Not just the media, but all users of the internet are on the lookout for information that is interesting and relevant to their lives. In order to persuade readers to amplify messages by […]

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