Fall marks an exciting time of year for car and motorcycle enthusiasts as companies begin releasing the following year’s vehicles. Read about how Harley-Davidson leveraged Periscope to unveil their 2016 models around the world.

With all of the back-to-school messages out there, how does a brand make their content stand out on the playground? Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies thoughtfully tackled that challenge with their recent press release.

Adhering to a formula of simplicity that’s served it so well over the years, Converse debuted its new Chuck Taylor shoe design with a clean, yet modern marketing campaign declaring the Chuck Taylor All Star II is “ready for more.”

With the recent launch of their Chex Mix Deliciously Unpredictable Road Trip campaign, it seems General Mills has caught the summer travel bug. Learn how they successfully engaged with their audience in our latest Content We Love.

Video is an excellent way to drive engagement for PR and marketing content; however, it requires time and resources to create. As Esurance recently demonstrated, the rewards far outweigh the costs if you have the right strategy in place.

This Father’s Day, Dove is launching First Fatherhood Moments, a campaign celebrating the emotional moment a man first learns he’s going to be a dad. Video, data and user-generated content combine for this edition of Content We Love.

PSAs are very important for organizations trying to raise awareness around an issue. However, getting people to pay attention isn’t easy. So what do you do to make them listen? You get Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, to tell them for you.

This summer, Mercedes-Benz will introduce the newest addition to its fleet with a little help from some prehistoric friends and the silver screen. Read on for more about this unique multichannel campaign.

For publicly traded companies, the end of every quarter brings with it the important and necessary earnings announcement. These filings are not only an SEC requirement, they also help a company be transparent and provide important information to current and potential investors. Because much of a company’s financial wellbeing is on the line with earnings releases, […]

For more than 50 years, Lands’ End has been dedicated to the environment. This year the retailer announced a new campaign that continues their commitment to the planet. And what a better time to do it than Earth Day. “Lands’ Friendly” is the company’s newest initiative. The mission: continually strive to be a leader in […]

In this week’s Content We Love, we’re going to take a look at how one company leveraged their participation in a trade-show to bring attention to a new line of products. The 2015 International Home + Housewares Show earlier this month sold out with 2,115 exhibitors and had an increase in total buyer attendance. This […]

The unsettling backlash that Cheerios faced after airing a commercial featuring a biracial family in 2013 set the stage for a larger and necessary dialogue about the lack of diversity in advertising. In response to the ad’s controversy, Donny Deutch, chairman of advertising agency Deutch Inc. told the Today Show: “Great advertising holds up a […]

Consumers are devoting a greater amount of attention on their health and wellness, and a large part of that is researching where their food and water comes from. Food and beverage brands now have a responsibility to supply this information to their consumers because their credibility and reputation greatly depends on it. FIJI® is proactively owning […]

Famously dubbed the “Me Me Me Generation” by Time Magazine in 2013, millennials have gotten a bad rap for being lazy, narcissistic, and entitled. But the mainstream still has a vested interest understanding the passions and behaviors of this elusive generation, whose innate tech-savviness has become one of the driving forces behind innovation today. A […]

The weeks leading up to the first Sunday in February are a test of creativity for marketers whose brands are not “official” sponsors of professional football’s biggest event. Given that the big game is one out of a handful of times when consumers are not only interested in but looking forward to hearing what brands […]

As Caitlin Carragee discusses in the blog post “Let’s Get Personal(ized),” content that is tailored to audience preferences makes the reader feel special or, as content marketers would say, “surprised and delighted.” When content is targeted specifically to the reader’s preferences, the messages become stickier and the brand is more memorable. As a marketer myself, […]

This week, PRNewswire.com had such an influx of great content that we had to publish a second Content We Love! More and more PR and marketing pros are tapping into the distribution power of press releases to seed greater awareness of their owned content – and even earning some media coverage along the way. Expedia caught […]

A significant theme we have stressed on the blog is the importance of promoting your company-created content—and this is something we expect to continue to ramp up in value through 2015. A lot of your resources, time, personnel and budget, are put into creating high-quality, compelling pieces of content. Bottom line: why wouldn’t you want […]

Several questions on how non-profit organizations can use innovative marketing to generate funds were asked during the Q&A portion of our “Communications Trends for 2015” webinar. Valid concerns around securing investment for non-profit marketing were raised, but CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose asserted that the need for content creation and promotion is “as big, […]

Holiday shoppers are not just on the lookout for the best deals and bargains, but also practical advice that will help them shop smarter. Many non-retail businesses strategically used this opportunity to fill the void information and insert themselves in the conversation relevantly, a key trend among the Black Friday themed press releases on PRNewswire.com. If you’re one of […]


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