Earned media mentions are the golden ring for many PR programs.  Getting great coverage in a key publication remains a key objective for many public relations campaigns and with good reason – traditional media outlets continue to wield outsize influence despite flagging revenues and diminished paid subscribers. News coverage garners attention, fuels social amplification, builds […]

If you have logged into Facebook over the last couple of weeks, you most likely witnessed many of your peers dousing themselves in ice water in the name of charity. At the time of writing on August 22nd, this grassroots campaign known as The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge had raised $41.8 million dollars in donations for […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

One piece of content is not all encompassing for the vast and complex audience that makes up your target consumer base. Each stage of the buyer’s journey is comprised of unique personas and levels of expertise that are in search of information catered to their specific needs. For example, if your products are geared toward […]

Here's a graphic on how sponsorship's are helping businesses http://t.co/JB3zkCNbLI — SponsorMatch (@SponsorMatchOrg) June 4, 2014 Events are a primary method for nonprofits to raise money for the causes that mean the most to their organizations while forming strong personal bonds with their donor base. However, event space, refreshments, tables, and equipment are pricey, so having […]

Sponsored content appears to be undergoing a renaissance. Called native advertising, brand journalism, or whatever, it is back in the conversation for marketers and PR professionals. Sponsored content is decades old, it’s just the tactics that are changing.  In the past, sponsored content may have taken the form of advertising sections in newspapers, infomercials on […]

Dear Q&A Team, My manager has assigned me the job of looking into new social media platforms that we can add to our marketing campaigns. I have been trying to learn about Tumblr and its capabilities. What type of content should we post onto Tumblr? What are some examples of successful Tumblr accounts run by […]

Sep 10, 2013

Market Your Marketing

Content Marketing World kicked off this  morning with Jay Baer (@jaybaer), author of Youtility.  The top-rated speaker of CMW last year, Jay didn’t disappoint today. Echoing the themes of his book, Jay insisted that the best marketing content is that which is so good people would pay for it.  However, the conversation took an intersting […]

Last week, PR Newswire and CommPRO.biz hosted the second part of the Google+ Hangout On Air Storytelling Series. The discussion was led by Michael Pranikoff (@mpranikoff), global director of emerging media at PR Newswire. Ginny Pulos (@ginnypulos), founder and president of Ginny Pulos Communications, joined him to explain the results of successful storytelling for a […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

Having the right stories and knowing when and how to tell them is crucial for anyone who aspires to lead or persuade. The second installment of our On-Air Storytelling Series “Power, Persuasion and Influence” focuses on tactical elements of communicating stories to drive business results. Led by storytelling expert Ginny Pulos (@ginnypulos), founder and president […]

Listening to the webinar with David Meerman Scott (@dmscott) hosted by MarketingProfs today reinforced the speed of change in the PR and marketing arenas.  Over the course of the discussion, David offered his perspective on how the communications arena has changed since he published the first edition of  The New Rules of Marketing & PR in 2007 (and […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

With today’s advanced communication technologies, business leaders often neglect the importance of crafting a foundational business story. It has become easier than ever to lose sight of core marketing objectives by rushing into marketing tactics. Blair Caplinger (@blaircaplinger), founder of Telling Media Inc., is an expert in business story telling. He recently sat down with […]

Stories have a way of sticking with us.  They’re enjoyable, relatable, and understandable – and these qualities ultimately make them memorable.  The context of the story provides linkages and framework that connects information, enabling us to recall a full set of information that we’d be probably be unable to memorize by rote. For these reasons, […]

This post originally appeared on the Business4Better Blog. Ed note: Today is the second day of Business4Better, a new event produced by PR Newswire’s parent company, UBM plc., designed to foster partnerships between non-profits and corporations. As I was scanning the blog posts recapping the first day, I spotted the post below and decided to […]

The Social Media Club of New York City (SMCNYC) hosted an event last month  showcasing Ford Motor Co. on the floor of the New York International Auto show to reveal Ford’s fun, new marketing campaign for its fuel-efficient vehicle C-MAX. Team Detroit, Ford’s agency, came up with print, TV and digital banners using the Italian “La […]

Before moving into my current role as Chief Commercial Officer for PR Newswire, I worked for seven years as an M&A associate at two multinational law firms and then spent six years dealing with law firms (small and large) in my role as General Counsel for a large media group.   I have a unique perspective, […]

This is an unusual year at SXSW Interactive, because as of this writing, there’s no big break out story, company, app or trend – at least that I can detect – and I’m hearing the same thing from the journalists and fellow bloggers I’ve been talking to up in the Samsung Blogger Lounge.   That said, […]

Today some coworkers and I are heading to Austin, Texas – the land of bluebonnets, BBQ and SXSW Interactive.   “South By” is on my list of can’t miss events, and not because of the parties – I have yet in my four years there to be seen out and about much past 10 p.m.   No, […]

As a lead strategist at the Content Marketing Institute (among a number of other professional endeavors), Robert Rose is a renowned expert on all things related to content marketing. We recently asked Robert to share his thoughts on the topic of PR and its relation to content marketing, and the resulting Q&A below is chock […]

In the first day of the general sessions for the online marketing summit in San Diego, “content” was a constant theme across many sessions.  The first two I attended were specifically relating to the “royalty” of content:  “Content is Gold” and “TV Advertising is King, but the Kingdom is About to Change”. Both of these […]

Great crowd and fun topic! Just finished up Relationship-First #Mobile Marketing @ #OMSummit. Grab attention and add value! :) — Wacarra Yeomans (@wac_intosh) February 13, 2013 This year nearly 10 trillion SMS messages will be sent. 90% of those will be read within three minutes. The opportunity for marketers is huge, but sending generic, blast […]


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