We asked our ProfNet experts network “What makes a great thought leader?” and heard from authors and executives throughout the marketing industry. Here are their tips for identifying people whose influence will help your brand shine.

Every piece of content you produce needs to be easy to share.

There isn’t a formula for designing a successful content marketing program; the answers will come during its planning and execution. Here are the three questions content marketers should ask along the way.

The art of sharing your content is similar to cooking a great meal. While there are many ways to accomplish the task, some ingredients are more vital than others to guarantee tasty results.

Content is an increasingly critical part of successful marketing campaigns. However, should the practitioner’s focus be on Content or Marketing? Or is the answer: focus on Publishing?

A smart director isn’t going to cast an untested actor as the lead in next summer’s blockbuster. As the director of your company’s marketing, why would you select weak content as the cornerstone of your next campaign?

The depth of actionable business intelligence that’s available through brand monitoring is worth the price because of the opportunities that monitoring offers. Learn how brand monitoring can help your company market itself more efficiently.

Let’s begin with a little mental field trip. In the mid-2000’s, MySpace and Facebook were battling it out for social media dominance. On the front lines of MySpace, users had the creative freedom to customize virtually every aspect of their pages – backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc. – which resulted in both glorious personal expression … […]

There is no more universal love/hate relationship in business than our unending use of PowerPoint. When well crafted, a slide deck can help speakers tell a story that inspires their audience. However, the all-too-common response to yet another PowerPoint presentation is a sea of dull-eyed stares. You’re not alone in looking for the love. As the […]

For those not able to attend the Content2Conversion 2015 conference, #C2C15, these are a few of the themes and ideas that resonated in thinking about the year ahead.

The importance of quality content is not confined to the United States alone; audiences all over the world are in search of information that is valuable to their needs and produced by a trustworthy source. While distribution services allow you to send your news to countries around the globe, it’s not as simple as hitting […]

“Where do I start?” This is one of the most common questions I get from clients just dipping their toe into international.  Building and launching an international communications plan is a daunting task.   Whether you’re starting from scratch, or revising a prior plan that did not quite work to meet your goals, it’s best to […]

Not every company sells the new,  “cool” product that makes the top of  their target customer’s “must-have” wishlist. Sometimes a particular product or solution only becomes of interest when the buyer has discovered a previously unidentified need and has already begun researching options. At this point, the buyer knows what problem they want to solve […]

Last week we shared part one of our mini-series “How to Match Your Video Style with Marketing Goals,” which touched upon choosing the right tone and style. Here are the final five tips that can help any BtoB or BtoC marketer send the right messages with their video campaigns: Tip 6: Don’t Stop at One. […]

Earned media mentions are the golden ring for many PR programs.  Getting great coverage in a key publication remains a key objective for many public relations campaigns and with good reason – traditional media outlets continue to wield outsize influence despite flagging revenues and diminished paid subscribers. News coverage garners attention, fuels social amplification, builds […]

If you have logged into Facebook over the last couple of weeks, you most likely witnessed many of your peers dousing themselves in ice water in the name of charity. At the time of writing on August 22nd, this grassroots campaign known as The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge had raised $41.8 million dollars in donations for […]

One piece of content is not all encompassing for the vast and complex audience that makes up your target consumer base. Each stage of the buyer’s journey is comprised of unique personas and levels of expertise that are in search of information catered to their specific needs. For example, if your products are geared toward […]

Here's a graphic on how sponsorship's are helping businesses http://t.co/JB3zkCNbLI — SponsorMatch (@SponsorMatchOrg) June 4, 2014 Events are a primary method for nonprofits to raise money for the causes that mean the most to their organizations while forming strong personal bonds with their donor base. However, event space, refreshments, tables, and equipment are pricey, so having […]

Sponsored content appears to be undergoing a renaissance. Called native advertising, brand journalism, or whatever, it is back in the conversation for marketers and PR professionals. Sponsored content is decades old, it’s just the tactics that are changing.  In the past, sponsored content may have taken the form of advertising sections in newspapers, infomercials on […]

Dear Q&A Team, My manager has assigned me the job of looking into new social media platforms that we can add to our marketing campaigns. I have been trying to learn about Tumblr and its capabilities. What type of content should we post onto Tumblr? What are some examples of successful Tumblr accounts run by […]


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