The closing remark of Fred Cooke, CEO of Golin, upon accepting the 2014 PRSA Gold Anvil Award truly summed up the challenge for the industry today: “I think that the PR industry needs more balls.” For a long time there’s been the perception that PR doesn’t believe in data, PR doesn’t have accurate reporting—and in […]

When measuring campaign results, the most important metric is ultimately the business outcome.  However, assessing program analytics measuring the relative success of campaign elements can reveal important details about performance.  Additionally, savvy communicators can use conclusions from these analyses to improve the results of future campaigns. Individual message performance, whether we’re talking about press releases, […]

We’ve been talking about PR measurement a lot lately, and we’re not alone – corralling and quantifying PR results is an ongoing challenge for anyone in the business.  However, we’ve also noted (quite often, in fact) that today’s digital environment makes it possible to communicate directly with audiences, understand how a message resonated with them, […]

When assessing the ROI of a publicity campaign, it’s standard practice to assess high-level results, such as the number of reads a message has received and the number of times a message was shared on social networks: these metrics are good measures of how well a message resonated with the audience.  But PR measurement shouldn’t […]

An indicator of content quality, the “long click” reveals whether or not audiences are truly engaging with your content.  Digital communications are incredibly measurable.  Marketers know which websites refer the highest quality traffic to their own sites, and they know which pages on their websites do better job of converting visitors into customers. Many details […]

A conversation I had with a peer yesterday got me thinking about press release outcomes, specifically, generating interest versus generating attention. My colleague, a senior VP at an integrated communications agency, was telling me about a news release his PR team wrote, promoting a presentation he was giving at an industry event.  Instead of leading with […]

This year’s PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia reprised many themes common to public relations, but with a new twist.  The influences of social media, content marketing and digital marketing measurement were common threads, linking discussions about pitching, strategy and measurement.  There’s a good reason for this – digital activities are incredibly measurable, and our peers […]

In response to sea changes in how people find, consume and share information, traditional media outlets are retooling their newsrooms and evolving their coverage.   Despite the still-challenging economic environment, many outlets are investing heavily on people and technology, in order to deliver a news product that satisfies audience appetites for rich visuals, tablet-friendly design and […]

The lines between marketing and PR are blurring, as social media and content marketing continue grow in importance. The reasons for these changes are many, including the evolution of the media environment, changes in how people find and consume information, how search engines index and serve up results and the swift adoption of mobile devices […]

According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of recorded human history up to 2003.  For communicators, the implication is clear – there’s an infinite amount of information available, however, audience attention if finite. We’ve been talking a lot this summer about new tactics […]

Much of the discussion about press releases lately has centered on the role they (may or may not) play in influencing search results, and Google’s new guidelines for links within press releases. Over the weekend, PR Newswire made an important change to our feed, implementing no-follow links in all press releases distributed to third-party web […]

Listening to the webinar with David Meerman Scott (@dmscott) hosted by MarketingProfs today reinforced the speed of change in the PR and marketing arenas.  Over the course of the discussion, David offered his perspective on how the communications arena has changed since he published the first edition of  The New Rules of Marketing & PR in 2007 (and […]

Yesterday we discussed how PR Newswire optimizes press releases. Today, we’ll focus on the role the content’s author plays in the whole optimization equation. The search engines’ focus on the actual on-page content puts a lot of responsibility on the author of the content.  In fact, the content itself plays the most significant role in […]

Today’s noisy media environment poses challenge for brands:  how to get for important messages when there is so much fragmentation of the audience — and competition for their attention.  People share and consume incredibly granular information, and a fundamental communications vehicle – the press release – is proving remarkably adaptable and effective, provided communicators refresh […]

Last Thursday, Social Media Club NYC met to discuss the topic of social media measurement.  Doh Young Jung, data scientist at Brandwatch, was one of the speakers at the event. The second speaker was Martin Murtland, vice president of platform management at PR Newswire. The moderator for the evening was Howard Greenstein, president and organizer […]

Like any business, sometimes our own story needs telling.  Earlier this year, we decided that we needed to do some PR for our MultiVu business, which focuses on the production and distribution of multimedia content.   It’s cutting edge stuff, with some truly unique aspects, and it sits right between PR and marketing, and we needed […]

A couple years ago, we looked at big chunk of press release data, and learned a lot about what drives results.  We’ve discussed press release writing tips and tactics – such as headline structure, release timing and embedding links – that contribute meaningfully to generating more readership and engagement for press releases. But nothing – […]

While content is the cornerstone of most marketing strategy, it does a brand little good if people don’t see it.  That’s why content distribution, and the content delivery networks that power that syndication, are the subject of a lot of interest these days. If you know PR Newswire, you know that “content distribution” is our […]

A few weeks ago, we added the Instant Access button to our popular ReleaseWatch reports, providing immediate access to the comprehensive Visibility Reports press release measurement reports  PR Newswire provides with each message we distribute.  At the same time, we also started sending a “Five Day Reporting Snapshot” via email, to make it easier for […]

We all know that measuring the impact and outcomes of a PR campaign is tough, and here at PR Newswire, we’re doing all we can to help customers understand and quantify the results their press releases generate. Today we’re rolling out some important changes for US customers to our Visibility Reports and ReleaseWatch press release […]


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