Press releases are becoming more common as a way for content marketers and blog managers to drive traffic to their owned media channels. Learn how to develop and execute a content release strategy from start to finish.

PR professionals are the Jedi Masters of the communications galaxy. A Public Relations Jedi is on a lifelong quest for knowledge, brings harmony where there is crisis and chaos, and uses ‘the Force’ of powerful communications to defend and protect their brand and organization. In the spirit of #MayThe4thBeWithYou, the annual celebration of George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise, members of […]

For public companies in North America, sending press releases at 8:00 AM Eastern makes sense – material news is best sent before the market opens or after it closes. For all other organizations, especially those that don’t have a well established brand, they risk their news being lost in the crowd.

So much of content marketing revolves around getting your message to the right people. Sending a piece about global warming to someone who reports on fossil fuels just because you both share an interest in natural resources doesn’t cut it. And blanketing an entire industry with your work in hopes that it catches on is […]

Today we are going to dissect how each component of your press release can drive readership and engagement if done correctly. The first and perhaps most overlooked component of a press release is the headline.

Strategic communications teams are tasked with owning the brand story and providing consistent messaging to the marketplace, while tracking outcomes and proving ROI. But due to fragmented audiences across a multitude of channels and screens, these focus areas are an even greater challenge to manage. Images and videos serve as the one unifier across all […]

The best PR pros don’t have to wait for Santa to reward their good deeds on Christmas Day. If they’ve been good content creators, then gifts such as audience acquisition, earned media, and increased sales are delivered all year long. Use the following checklist to find out whether your press releases make the naughty or […]

A significant theme we have stressed on the blog is the importance of promoting your company-created content—and this is something we expect to continue to ramp up in value through 2015. A lot of your resources, time, personnel and budget, are put into creating high-quality, compelling pieces of content. Bottom line: why wouldn’t you want […]

Looking to press the “recall” button on that press release you just sent out? It happens more often than you’d think: the approved version of a release is lost in the ether, a product launch is rolled back, a personnel change impacts quote attribution and/or media contact, all leading to the question: how can I […]

Holiday season, fondly referred to as “the season of giving,” is a precious opportunity for charities to spotlight their causes and generate funds. One of the most understated challenges that non-profits must overcome is competing for support from potential donors. Naturally, not all organizations or causes receive equal attention, but the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” phenomenon […]

An indicator of content quality, the “long click” reveals whether or not audiences are truly engaging with your content.  Digital communications are incredibly measurable.  Marketers know which websites refer the highest quality traffic to their own sites, and they know which pages on their websites do better job of converting visitors into customers. Many details […]

How does one determine whether or not a piece of content is low quality? Since we added copy quality to the guidelines against which we assess press releases and other content prior to distribution, we’ve counseled a number of clients on steps they can take to improve the value of their content for their audiences. […]

It’s not unusual for an organization to issue similar announcements across a variety of markets. Whether announcing award recipients, regional services or a multi-city tour, developing localized press releases with similar themes for multiple markets is a common and necessary PR tactic, and using a template for the messages has long been standard practice. However, […]

How can you get better results with your press releases?  The data is in, and the answer is clear.  Visual illustration of your message is a key driver of success. PR Newswire’s analytics team recently updated – and significantly expanded – our analysis of press release types, and the results each produces in terms of […]

In late May, Google rolled out an update to its Panda algorithm that targeted low quality content, affecting a variety of content distributors and press release websites, including PR Newswire.   By “low quality content,” we’re referring specifically to press releases that were used in efforts to manipulate search rankings.   These releases were of little-to-no redeeming […]

Many people look to their social media newsfeeds as a source for current events, useful lifestyle tips, or amusement, but the thousands of daily visitors to  might also agree that perusing the latest press releases is another great way to find interesting and entertaining news. PR pros are naturally creative people and more of them are seeing the […]

Marketers today strive towards a mutually beneficial relationship between brand and consumer.  More and more companies are recognizing the advantages that press releases deliver to marketers in distributing owned content that educates their target customer. Visteon Corporation’s recent press release “3-D Gesture Recognition, Virtual Touch Screen Bring New Meaning to Vehicle Controls,” reminds us that the brand mention […]

The staggering rate at which technology continues to advance leads many of us wonder just how much of our daily lives can be controlled or influenced by a gadget.  Well, as evidenced by the recent press release titled,“Kohler’s Touchless Toilet Technology Marks a New Era in Toilet Flushing,” the possibilities are boundless. The amount of […]

The story Earlier this week I received an email from my mom (who is fondly nicknamed “Bird”) with the subject line: “A – the eagles are in danger, can you help???” As my team here in Cleveland knows, my mom is an avid eagle enthusiast who is obsessed with watching the first bald eagle family to nest in the […]

Summary:  Brand mentions and earned media comprise the implied links Google has patented as part of its search algorithm, codifying the impact PR has on search results.   In a patent for search engine ranking methods that was granted on March 25, Google codified the role earned media plays in search rank.  The patent describes […]


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