It’s tempting to fall into the habit of pushing out a single press release before moving on to your next project. However, there are many times when sending out multiple press releases around a topic can dramatically increase results.

The press release of 2015 looks very different compared to what PR Newswire first distributed in 1954. However, we still see some die-hard press release practices that are less necessary in today’s digital world.

If you have ever had to write a news release with the help of a team (or several teams), you know that the process can be much more complicated than anyone usually expects. Read on for tips to help juggle projects with multiple stakeholders.

For publicly traded companies, the end of every quarter brings with it the important and necessary earnings announcement. These filings are not only an SEC requirement, they also help a company be transparent and provide important information to current and potential investors. Because much of a company’s financial wellbeing is on the line with earnings releases, […]

You have a press release that needs to go out.  It’s an important one for your organization and you want to get everything to be just right – including the time and date of issuance.  You have been tasked with getting the news out at the same time to all important outlets. Oh, and yes, the […]

For more than 50 years, Lands’ End has been dedicated to the environment. This year the retailer announced a new campaign that continues their commitment to the planet. And what a better time to do it than Earth Day. “Lands’ Friendly” is the company’s newest initiative. The mission: continually strive to be a leader in […]

For public companies in North America, sending press releases at 8:00 AM Eastern makes sense – material news is best sent before the market opens or after it closes. For all other organizations, especially those that don’t have a well established brand, they risk their news being lost in the crowd.

Social media has the amazing ability to connect us with people and conversations we might otherwise have never known existed. It’s pretty incredible what we can learn from social media. But with all the content out there—an absolute deluge of thoughts and ideas—how do we find what is most relevant to us? Continuous social media monitoring […]

So much of content marketing revolves around getting your message to the right people. Sending a piece about global warming to someone who reports on fossil fuels just because you both share an interest in natural resources doesn’t cut it. And blanketing an entire industry with your work in hopes that it catches on is […]

Typos are not just embarrassing, they also can cost a lot of money. We’ve all heard horror stories of a missing number in a sales price and the eagle-eyed customers who reaped the savings. To avoid similar issues with your brand’s content, PR Newswire’s customer content services team copy edits hundreds of press releases every day and corrects thousands of would-be […]

Have you ever written a release that just didn’t perform as well as you had hoped?  You had great content, great links, and one heck of a great angle, but you only received handful of click-throughs to your website? It was probably not your content that resulted in a lackluster performance, but the formatting. I get […]

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Three content marketers walk into a bar… Okay, so I haven’t quite crafted the perfect punchline yet. Fortunately I have a few hours before April first to finish that story. April Fools’ Day has traditionally been a day dedicated to jokes and good-natured antics. As children, the day […]

In this week’s Content We Love, we’re going to take a look at how one company leveraged their participation in a trade-show to bring attention to a new line of products. The 2015 International Home + Housewares Show earlier this month sold out with 2,115 exhibitors and had an increase in total buyer attendance. This […]

Today we are going to dissect how each component of your press release can drive readership and engagement if done correctly. The first and perhaps most overlooked component of a press release is the headline.

CVS Caremark recently dominated headlines when they announced a stunning decision to ban the sale of cigarettes in their stores. The bold move sparked a nationwide discussion on the role of pharmacies in providing healthcare to their customers and set a new standard for the industry. Now let’s be honest, a large corporation forgoing $2 […]

Have you changed up your press release tactics?  For an upcoming infographic and post, we’re doing an informal poll of public relations pros.  Take a second to respond below, and then check back next week to see how your response compares to what your peers say. And while you’re at it, please share this poll […]

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