An indicator of content quality, the “long click” reveals whether or not audiences are truly engaging with your content.  Digital communications are incredibly measurable.  Marketers know which websites refer the highest quality traffic to their own sites, and they know which pages on their websites do better job of converting visitors into customers. Many details […]

We’ve had a few months to digest and absorb the changes Google wrought with the launch of the Hummingbird search algorithm, which significantly chanted how the search giant ranks content.   So what effect has Hummingbird had on search and social?  Earlier this year, the Social Media Club NYC hosted an event that assessed the […]

In the PR realm, “SEO” often refers to the goal of getting a press release seen in search results. However, in reality, search engine optimization is much larger in scope, referring to the art and science of getting your company content (the web site and other assets) to appear at the top of internet searchers’ […]

SEO is now about broader business strategies that take careful planning and time to execute. It’s about your PR approach and your content marketing. It is about excellent user experience and creating content people will want to share.

Summary:  Google is emphasizing conversational search with its new Hummingbird search algorithm, placing a premium on relevant content in response to vast numbers of unique search queries, as well as the increasing shift to mobile search.  Here are four ways content creators and PR pros can build relevance into their content creation strategies.  By now […]

Content is more than information – it’s storytelling that provides meaningful experiences and inspires action.  Lee Odden (@leeodden) of TopRank Online Marketing drove home the importance of emotion as he delved into the “Future of Content on Search and Social Web” at Content Marketing World (#CMWorld) earlier today. The future of content is visual, real-time, […]

“Let’s be very clear.  Press releases have always been about generating awareness.”  (Tweet it)  That sterling point was made by a panelist on a recent webinar, and he was bang on the money. Because before you get the audience to act, you have to first garner their attention. Attention is best gained authentically, and brands derive […]

Last week’s webinar on New School Press Release Tactics was packed with great tactics and insights for innovative ways and new approaches for driving media coverage and generating business outcomes using press releases. We’ve captured some highlights in this post, and if you missed the session, you’ll find a link to the full replay of […]

If you want to position your organization as a thought leader or enhance your brand’s reputation on line (or, for that matter, do the same for yourself), honing your ability to curate relevant content is crucial. You may already know some great curators – they are those people on Twitter who share links that you […]

Over the last two days, we’ve talked about how PR Newswire optimizes press releases, and about press release tactics authors can employ to generate better search results.   There’s one more piece to the puzzle, and that is discovery.  Discovery is a vital component to generating visibility for your organization’s messages.   The mechanics of discovery  Before […]

Yesterday we discussed how PR Newswire optimizes press releases. Today, we’ll focus on the role the content’s author plays in the whole optimization equation. The search engines’ focus on the actual on-page content puts a lot of responsibility on the author of the content.  In fact, the content itself plays the most significant role in […]

We’re hearing this question a lot, so we thought we’d take time out from our regular programming to dig into how PR Newswire has created the best platform for hosting press releases in the business, and to discuss some of the elements that go into optimizing a big site like ours, as well as granular […]

It’s impossible to write about search engines without referencing change, and this post is no exception.  We’ve updated the advice we’re offering for optimizing press releases and other content for maximum online visibility. There are some important changes, including: An increased focus on creating content that is useful.  Search engines are putting a lot of […]

A lot of search engine optimization professionals are incorporating PR tactics into their optimization strategies these days, and there’s a very good reason for this trend: the search engines are placing premiums on authentic earned media. The very nature of earned media has evolved, however. In addition to pick up in the mainstream media, earned […]

It’s surprising that so many companies use English when communicating within China, even though the official spoken language of China is Mandarin, and the official written language is Simplified Chinese.  It’s not hard to imagine the negative effect this language disconnect has on campaign results,  and the reason is simple – most Chinese journalists and […]

We spend a lot of time in the PR space thinking about how to optimize our press releases for maximum search engine visibility, and I’m one of the purveyors of that sort of information.  Ask me about  press release headline writing best practices, and be prepared to strap in for at least thirty minutes while […]

This year’s programming for South By Southwest featured an entire track devoted to the subjects of content and distribution.   The sessions in that track varied wildly from ultra-tactical (“How to Rank Better in Google and Bing,”) to the esoteric (“#CatVidFest: Is This the End of Art?”) Despite the wild array of subject matter and expertise […]

Today, Guy Kawasaki interviewed Amit Singhal, Google’s senior vice president of search.  Billed as a conversation about the future of search in mobile world, the conversation ranged into devices and other future Google projects. To put the conversation in context, it’s worth repeating a fact Singhal dropped on the crowd in response to Kawasaki’s question […]

Why is content marketing important? According to the company Media Whiz, It is the future of marketing and how you should be generating new business. I bet most marketers don’t think like a salesperson when writing for their respective audiences but if you use your content to win your customers, it will generate leads for […]

Content is found thrugh social media & search engines – so optimize it. @ArnieK #omsummit @osmummit #seo #socialmedia — Tech Marketing360 (@techmktg360) February 11, 2013 It should go without saying that if you’re publishing content online, you should be capitalizing on the opportunity to positively influence search engine rankings for your organization.   Each piece of […]


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