PR Newswire’s research group makes thousands of updates to the  database of journalists and bloggers that underpins our Agility media targeting and distribution platform.  Below is a sampling of recent media moves and news from the research team. To learn more about monitoring media and social media for your brand, read our white paper: Monitoring Your Brand […]

Crises are always difficult and rarely expected, but being prepared can mean the difference between success and failure for a brand. Being able to refer to a well thought-out crisis plan can make a bad situation manageable, and it helps all internal team members get on board with what needs to happen. Yet, crisis plans are not a one-size-fits-all […]

PR Newswire’s Audience Research Department makes thousands of updates to the  database of journalists and bloggers that underpins our Agility media targeting and distribution platform.  Below is a sampling of recent media moves and news from the research team.   Free articles on how to enhance your media relations are available for download in the public relations […]

Last week’s blog post “People, Brands and Trust: Turning Consumer Confidence into Advocacy” delved deep into the results of Edelman’s 2014 Trust Barometer as presented in a roundtable discussion featuring Edelman’s Managing Director of Corporate and Public Affairs, Ron Guirguis and PR Newswire’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ken Wincko. This week, I sat down with […]

Did you know Twitter rolled out a free analytics dashboard to all of its users in late August? Have you considered how it can help drive your business? The Twitter analytics dashboard offers a high-level view of your impact on the Twittersphere, as well as reach and engagement data for each individual tweet. It also […]

Unless you live under a rock that isn’t equipped with Wi-Fi, you’ve probably seen news about the viral success of the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Our social streams are full of friends, family and celebs dumping buckets of ice water on their heads and challenging others to either donate to ALS or subject themselves to […]

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all public companies, and as such, their primary objectives are to return profits to their shareholders, not drive visibility for the brands that have developed presences on their platforms.  It’s no secret that social networks strive to make their sites useful and attractive to users, employing algorithms to serve up […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

Research conducted by Good2BSocial finds that a majority of law firms understand importance of social media but are reluctant to engage clients with it. On the other hands, top law firms in the US and UK found direct correlations between social media use and client success. As search and social become the go-to methods of […]

Victoria Harres is a Vice President, Digital & Events Marketing

With Twitter’s announcement this week of the ‘mute’ feature, which will allow people to hide from their feeds tweets by Twitter accounts they follow, PR pros have to think even harder about their Twitter strategy.

Victoria Harres is a Vice President, Digital & Events Marketing

FB Newswire, powered by Storyful is serving up pre-verified status updates from Facebook users who share their content publicly. This is something that can be incredibly valuable to a journalist when an event like last weekend’s tornadoes destroy homes and lives without much notice. In that kind of circumstance, the best on-the-spot reporting and photography will […]

Facebook has actively been courting journalists and bloggers for years, first launching the Facebook for  Journalists page in 2011 in order to position its vast social network as a source of trending and popular content.   The company took their efforts a step further today, launching FB Newswire.  Powered by Storyful, which describes itself as a […]

Though the world of #selfies seems to be dominated by teenagers, they aren’t the only ones turning cameras on themselves. Brands are now incorporating the wildly popular form of content creation to connect with their social audiences, a topic we’ve been tackling in our ongoing event series “How to Keep Your Content Relevant in the […]

  LinkedIn has come a long way from its start as a conduit for creating professional connections. In fact, LinkedIn quickly is making inroads into newsrooms as a place for research, sourcing, and listening, allowing journalists to follow issues and pull stories out of conversations. Journalists can keep their ears open for nuggets through groups […]

Twitter’s new design – mirroring Facebook’s layout and emphasizing visuals – reinforces the importance of using multimedia elements in communications. However, the new layout offers more opportunity for brands than initially meets the eye.  (See related: Coming soon from Twitter) Surfacing granular content (& winning attention) The brands that do it best know that Twitter […]

You may not realize it, but much of what you see online is determined by the algorithms that power search engines and social networks.  Designed to surface the information that is most compelling, and likely to get you to read the article/view the video/take the survey – and then share it with your friends – […]

Media fragmentation and information overload stymies ad effectiveness. Consumers are ignoring digital ads, and overall, trust in brands is declining, a trend which according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, is accelerating. Influecers vs. Advocates How can brands convey communications in a trustworthy matter that resonates with their audiences?  The key, according to Jim Larrison (@jlarrison) […]

What’s the secret sauce for real-time storytelling? Telling a story as it unfolds requires significant planning.  At SXSW today, I got a look behind the scenes at the making of the Melbourne Remote Control Tourist campaign, an extraordinary piece of work masterfully produced by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Tool and Exit Films for Tourism Victoria. Our […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

While digital communication has afforded brands more opportunities to reach their audiences, consumers have developed a heightened awareness of traditional marketing tactics and look to their peers as a trusted source of information. Brands are now harnessing the power of those influencers for a return on investment that goes beyond retweets and Facebook likes. PR […]

Chicago at minus 2. #chiberia #vine312 — Scott Kleinberg (@scottkleinberg) January 27, 2014 I live in the Chicago suburbs, and we’re freezing our tailfeathers off tonight as the polar vortex makes another swing through the Midwest. As I write this post, the temperature is -4 F.  However, the fun is just starting.  We’re going […]

2013 was a big year for The New York Times’ social media staff; they added three editors to their team, expanded their role in tweeting the news, and grew @NYTimes by nearly 5 million followers. Last week they took to the Nieman Journalism Lab to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Although the post was […]


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