Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

As Caitlin Carragee discusses in the blog post “Let’s Get Personal(ized),” content that is tailored to audience preferences makes the reader feel special or, as content marketers would say, “surprised and delighted.” When content is targeted specifically to the reader’s preferences, the messages become stickier and the brand is more memorable. As a marketer myself, […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

Have you heard that including numbers in your media pitch will attract journalist attention? Apparently, so has everyone else. Over the holidays New York Post business reporter, John Crudele, published an article sarcastically “gifting” coverage to a select handful of PR people whose pitches had originally gone unanswered. Why these pitches were unsuccessful is explored […]

Last week we shared part one of our mini-series “How to Match Your Video Style with Marketing Goals,” which touched upon choosing the right tone and style. Here are the final five tips that can help any BtoB or BtoC marketer send the right messages with their video campaigns: Tip 6: Don’t Stop at One. […]

Marketers: It’s time to jump on the video bandwagon—which is really more like a freight train.  However, shouting “DO VIDEO!” without providing the guidance to actually create the video is pointless.  Whether you are in BtoB or BtoC, part one of our two-part video tips series will help you enable the discussions that really need […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

Violence, destruction, even death have become so ingrained in our daily lives, from coverage of uprisings abroad to riots in cities across America, to storylines in videogames and movies as forms of entertainment that almost nothing is shocking anymore. With the advent of the internet and social media, real-time photo journalism is having a profound […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

PR has traditionally been dependent on the voices of journalists to broadcast brand stories and serve as unbiased influence. But as newsrooms shrink and brands compete against the latest viral stories for media attention, digital channels have created more opportunities for communicators to take control of their messages and place them directly in front of […]

Visual storytelling was a hot topic at this year’s PRSA International Conference, with a multitude of sessions revolving around the subject. While there were a lot of great examples shown, many stats shared and more than a few tips for creating visual content, the most beneficial piece of advice for PR professionals was to think […]

The democratization of information thanks to the internet has forced brands to be held more accountable for the promises they make to consumers. Brands still have the power to influence purchasing decisions, but it takes more than slick marketing or graphics. People want more access and more detail often before they make an expensive purchase […]

Results of the second annual PR Newswire/PR News Survey are in and they are both stunning and unremarkable.  Stunning: more than half of those surveyed say less than 5% of their external communications are delivered via video, which, given all we know now, makes me feel like we’re not paying attention.  If just one minute […]

Whether you’re a major news publication or blogger, you need to know how to tell an engaging story. Wochit is a video creation platform that allows you to bring your story to life in 15 minutes using a combination of automation and human touch. We asked Drew Berkowitz, the SVP of Partnerships for Wochit, to discuss […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

With the explosion of YouTube stars, Facebook’s video-friendly newsfeed, and the ALS ice bucket challenge viral sensation, 2014 has proven to be the year of video. Now, a new Vidyard poll confirms the use of video not just for entertainment or awareness value, but as a legitimate source of revenue. According to the results, 71% […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

As the casino industry looks to expand into new cities beyond Las Vegas and Atlantic City, earned media plays an important role in convincing local citizens and state representatives to approve the policies necessary. The American Gaming Association published groundbreaking new research proving the economic benefits of casinos on local communities.  To draw attention to […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

Since propagating the binge-watch culture that’s changed the television industry forever, it’s clear that Netflix fans love stories. In their press release titled “Spoiler Alert! Its Ok to Spoil,” Netflix gives the fans what they want by turning an issue that the majority of their audience faces into content that tells a story and engages […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

Communicators in highly regulated industries such as healthcare must carefully consider the compliance and privacy laws that govern their businesses before experimenting with new content trends. But regardless of these policies, it is still critical for healthcare companies to engage their audiences with visual storytelling given the complex nature of their messages. For public stakeholders […]

Unless you live under a rock that isn’t equipped with Wi-Fi, you’ve probably seen news about the viral success of the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Our social streams are full of friends, family and celebs dumping buckets of ice water on their heads and challenging others to either donate to ALS or subject themselves to […]

Infographics are playing a larger role in visual storytelling efforts. When they are thoughtfully designed, they provide attention-grabbing visuals that also help the reader better comprehend and remember the message. This added value to the reader often encourages further engagement and sharing. Based on my experience creating infographics that are used in PR Newswire’s press […]

How can you get better results with your press releases?  The data is in, and the answer is clear.  Visual illustration of your message is a key driver of success. PR Newswire’s analytics team recently updated – and significantly expanded – our analysis of press release types, and the results each produces in terms of […]

Shannon Ramlochan is a Content Marketing Coordinator at PR Newswire.

A recent study by market research firm, GlobalWebIndex, indicates that more than a quarter of internet users are regularly watching branded videos across all age and gender demographics.  Based on these findings, the message is clear: no matter who your target audience is, videos have an unprecedented ability against any other forms of content to […]

A look at the data around use of visuals by public relations professionals tells a few different stories.  On the one hand, use of visuals in press releases has increased steadily over the last few years, and the majority of communicators (76%, to be exact) surveyed about multimedia use in PR indicated they plan to […]

There’s a lot of talk about storytelling today amongst communicators, and for good reason.   In our frenetic, always-on, socially-connected, information fueled environments, information is continually washing over us.  A few things stick, and those are generally stories. The key to a good story is found in the audience’s ability to relate strongly to something in […]


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