Regardless of whether you’re targeting Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials or all of the above with your content, including visuals will send a message: that your brand is a credible source of information.

It’s easy for a brand’s marketing to fall prey to the content fatigue audiences are suffering from. Learn how to map out a strategy that combines quality information, distinctive graphics and smart promotion to overcome the overload.

Today’s audiences are hungry for content, but individuals are following their own customized path of consumption. By offering a diverse menu of content types, you will be better positioned to feed your audience’s wide-ranging appetites.

Let’s begin with a little mental field trip. In the mid-2000’s, MySpace and Facebook were battling it out for social media dominance. On the front lines of MySpace, users had the creative freedom to customize virtually every aspect of their pages – backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc. – which resulted in both glorious personal expression … […]

There is no more universal love/hate relationship in business than our unending use of PowerPoint. When well crafted, a slide deck can help speakers tell a story that inspires their audience. However, the all-too-common response to yet another PowerPoint presentation is a sea of dull-eyed stares. You’re not alone in looking for the love. As the […]

The unsettling backlash that Cheerios faced after airing a commercial featuring a biracial family in 2013 set the stage for a larger and necessary dialogue about the lack of diversity in advertising. In response to the ad’s controversy, Donny Deutch, chairman of advertising agency Deutch Inc. told the Today Show: “Great advertising holds up a […]

Consumers are devoting a greater amount of attention on their health and wellness, and a large part of that is researching where their food and water comes from. Food and beverage brands now have a responsibility to supply this information to their consumers because their credibility and reputation greatly depends on it. FIJI® is proactively owning […]

Famously dubbed the “Me Me Me Generation” by Time Magazine in 2013, millennials have gotten a bad rap for being lazy, narcissistic, and entitled. But the mainstream still has a vested interest understanding the passions and behaviors of this elusive generation, whose innate tech-savviness has become one of the driving forces behind innovation today. A […]

Strategic communications teams are tasked with owning the brand story and providing consistent messaging to the marketplace, while tracking outcomes and proving ROI. But due to fragmented audiences across a multitude of channels and screens, these focus areas are an even greater challenge to manage. Images and videos serve as the one unifier across all […]

A study by Chartbeat which looked at user behavior across 2 million web visits over a one-month period found that most people who clicked on a link did not read the content, and that 55% of web-surfers spent less than 15 seconds on the page. The key takeaway for PR and marketing pros is that […]

Video is currently one of the best ways for any company to engage target audiences and influence behavior. Most Western companies post their visual messaging on their own website and on YouTube, then cross their fingers hoping it will take off virally. While social networks have enabled us to transcend international borders and connect with […]

Conversations between communicators and designers can be a bit frustrating. You either don’t have a clear idea of what you want the visual to look like. Or, maybe you know exactly what you want, but are having trouble getting that result. Let’s break down a couple of typical conversations that happen during the design process, […]

As Caitlin Carragee discusses in the blog post “Let’s Get Personal(ized),” content that is tailored to audience preferences makes the reader feel special or, as content marketers would say, “surprised and delighted.” When content is targeted specifically to the reader’s preferences, the messages become stickier and the brand is more memorable. As a marketer myself, […]

Have you heard that including numbers in your media pitch will attract journalist attention? Apparently, so has everyone else. Over the holidays New York Post business reporter, John Crudele, published an article sarcastically “gifting” coverage to a select handful of PR people whose pitches had originally gone unanswered. Why these pitches were unsuccessful is explored […]

Last week we shared part one of our mini-series “How to Match Your Video Style with Marketing Goals,” which touched upon choosing the right tone and style. Here are the final five tips that can help any BtoB or BtoC marketer send the right messages with their video campaigns: Tip 6: Don’t Stop at One. […]

Marketers: It’s time to jump on the video bandwagon—which is really more like a freight train.  However, shouting “DO VIDEO!” without providing the guidance to actually create the video is pointless.  Whether you are in BtoB or BtoC, part one of our two-part video tips series will help you enable the discussions that really need […]

Violence, destruction, even death have become so ingrained in our daily lives, from coverage of uprisings abroad to riots in cities across America, to storylines in videogames and movies as forms of entertainment that almost nothing is shocking anymore. With the advent of the internet and social media, real-time photo journalism is having a profound […]

PR has traditionally been dependent on the voices of journalists to broadcast brand stories and serve as unbiased influence. But as newsrooms shrink and brands compete against the latest viral stories for media attention, digital channels have created more opportunities for communicators to take control of their messages and place them directly in front of […]

Visual storytelling was a hot topic at this year’s PRSA International Conference, with a multitude of sessions revolving around the subject. While there were a lot of great examples shown, many stats shared and more than a few tips for creating visual content, the most beneficial piece of advice for PR professionals was to think […]

The democratization of information thanks to the internet has forced brands to be held more accountable for the promises they make to consumers. Brands still have the power to influence purchasing decisions, but it takes more than slick marketing or graphics. People want more access and more detail often before they make an expensive purchase […]


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