Nov 13, 2012

What is Public Relations? [Infographic]

In a world of constant communication, PR is once again taking center stage … but in a whole new way. To get a clearer idea of what modern PR looks like, we went to the source and asked you, our audience.

About a month ago, we took to the PR streets of social media and asked our friends and followers to complete the sentence “PR is ____.”  The conversation took off at the 2012 PRSA International Conference, and continued on Twitter, under the hashtag #PRis. The response was so incredible and insightful, we put together this infographic  to convey the diversity and depth of the your answers.

A special thank you to everyone who joined in the conversation!

Author Jamie Heckler is a senior multimedia designer for PR Newswire.  She’s also the creator of this infographic.

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Gnosis Media Group (@GnosisArts) 12:15 EST on Nov 13, 2012

Wow that’s a nifty infographic! Fabulous work!

Mike Killmon 16:47 EST on Nov 13, 2012

Amazing! Thanks!

Niamh Fitz 09:04 EST on Nov 14, 2012

Reblogged this on Love PR? and commented: Add your thoughts here… (optional)

DaveM 11:44 EST on Nov 15, 2012


Don Bates 15:28 EST on Nov 15, 2012

Good stuff. A definition I’ve long liked: “PR is what PR people do.” This graphic is evidence. If you do the graphic again, add reputation management. I would add bridge building, too, but too many people outside PR would take the term literally.

davidrjolly 13:24 EST on Nov 16, 2012

Reblogged this on David R Jolly and commented: Awesome Infographic! PR is _______. (Two-way communication between a brand and its publics)

Rosanne M (PR Manager, PRSA) 16:05 EST on Nov 16, 2012

Love this graphic, Jamie!

This truly shows the diversity of the PR professional – and certainly the participants of the PRSA 2012 International Conference.

Brianna Wagenbrenner 14:24 EST on Nov 20, 2012

Reblogged this on Just Getting Started and commented: This is an amazing infographic! A great depiction of what PR is. Good job PR Newswire!

Think_Lyndon (@THINK_Lyndon) 08:45 EST on Nov 21, 2012

WOW! Only two people understand that it’s about managing the relationships between an organization and it’s publics [audiences]?

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Eric anderson 00:11 EST on Dec 3, 2012

Wow!! Infographics are really a great way of expressing our views and this post really covers all the important facts related to Public relations. The flow of the chart is really amazing..

Leah Fein 18:05 EST on Dec 20, 2012

Fabulous [inforgraphic] PR is Social Media!

­ Chicago Franchise PR 08:29 EDT on Apr 13, 2015

Love the infographic! Engaging dialogue is an absolute must.

Don Bates 23:19 EDT on Apr 15, 2015

Public relations is when you’re better to your publics than your relations. 🙂

­ Chicago Franchise PR 08:44 EDT on Apr 28, 2015

Love the infographic!

­ Chicago PR Agency 08:31 EDT on May 19, 2015

Indeed, it does have a bit of “relationship management” in it, doesn’t it? Really, good RM is in any business but yes, especially PR.

­ FP Comms 03:41 EDT on May 28, 2015

It is about building relationships. This infographic is a great way of explaining PR to clients.

­ Franchise PR Agency 13:05 EDT on Jun 22, 2015

Relationships and trust. That’s what it boils down to.

­ Don Bates 16:56 EDT on Sep 23, 2016

What’s all this puff about reputation building? Fact is, most of us spend the bulk of our time promoting and publicizing products, services, issues, ideas, and people. That’s what PR is. We also do a lot of editorial work in the process. That’s what we’re paid to do. That’s what we’re valued for. Serious reputation management is an art unto itself and most PR people are ill-equipped to handle the task. As for other things PR people do, most of it isn’t PR. It’s marketing or advertising or fundraising or something far different.

­ Don Bates 09:43 EDT on Sep 26, 2016

And I’m the guy who suggested adding reputation management in the first place! Yes, I meant it’s part of PR, but not that clear in the work of most PR people. My follow-up is a reaction to subsequent comments, which suggest that RM is more ubiquitous than it actually is as a PR practice, even though it may be a serendipitous result.

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