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Jul 10 2013

MIAMI, July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On the 90th anniversary of the death of General Francisco "Pancho" Villa, Discovery en Espanol presents EL ASESINATO DE VILLA: LA CONSPIRACION, an original production analyzing the historic events that framed the assassination of one of the Mexican Revolution's most controversial leaders. With a contemporary, suspenseful narrative directed by award-winning Mexican filmmaker Emilio Maille, the documentary premieres Saturday, July 20 at 8PM E/ 10PM P.

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On July 20, 1923, a lookout was posted on a street corner in Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua. As Villa's car passed, he signaled a group of gunmen who ambushed the vehicle, riddling the passengers with bullets.  An active revolutionary, the general had many enemies, but who exactly killed Pancho Villa?  Was it an act of personal vengeance or a political crime?

EL ASESINATO DE VILLA: LA CONSPIRACION answers these and other questions by analyzing the main suspects and their motives and revealing the network behind the conspiracy, which stretched into the upper levels of power.

In reviewing the myths surrounding the assassination of one of the most iconic symbols in Mexican history, the documentary presents classified information, new evidence in the case and the motives for the July 20, 1923 ambush. Through dramatizations, it reconstructs the scene of the crime and draws on the opinions of renowned Villa experts, including writer and filmmaker Guillermo Arriaga and historians Jesus Vargas Valdes, Antonio Campuzano and Dr. Jane Dale Lloyd.

EL ASESINATO DE VILLA: LA CONSPIRACION is an original production of Discovery en Espanol by Nao Films, with Patricia Arriaga as producer and Michela Giorelli and Rafael Rodriguez supervising.  It was directed by Emilio Maille, whose previous productions include such successful films as "Los anos Arruza" (1996) and "Rosario Tijeras" (2005).

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Discovery en Espanol is the Spanish-language voice of Discovery. It is the premiere network dedicated to offering the finest in quality programming in the areas of science, technology, world cultures, history, nature and real-life drama. The channel provides a unique and enriching experience by combining the best Discovery Networks programming with its own original productions. Created by the world's most trusted media brand, Discovery en Espanol translates not just the words, but also the excitement of Discovery, informing its audience and offering a fascinating glimpse into the incredible world in which we live. For more information, please visit our website,, or follow us on Facebook at

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