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Sep 3 2015

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a Fuel Market Report 2015-2025: CAPEX on Bunkering Facilities, Vessels, Fuelling Stations, Vehicles, Locomotives and Non-Transport Applications

Report Details Visiongain assesses that CAPEX on LNG as a Fuel will reach $1.164bn in 2015. The market is in the development phase and offers...

Sep 3 2015

Global Polyols Market 2015-2019

About Polyols Polyols are one of the main ingredients of polyurethane foams. Polyol is an alcohol that contains multiple hydroxyl groups. Polyols...

Sep 3 2015

Global Chloroprene Rubber (CR) Market 2015-2019

About Chloroprene Rubber Chloroprene rubber (CR) is an artificial polymer, which acts as an elastomer. Elastomers can experience significantly...

Sep 3 2015

Global Small Li-ion Battery Market 2015-2019

About Li-ion Batteries A small Li-ion battery is a rechargeable battery that is commonly used for portable applications such as mobile phones,...

Sep 3 2015

Global Resorcinol Market 2015-2019

About Resorcinol Resorcinol or m-dihydroxy benzene is a white crystalline compound produced by melting aromatic resins with potassium hydroxide....

Sep 3 2015

Global Lubricant Additives Market 2015-2019

About Lubricant Additives Lubricant additives are chemical compounds that are used to improve the performance of lubricant formulations. In...

Sep 3 2015

Global Residential Portable Petrol Generator Market 2015-2019

About portable generators Portable generators are ideal for providing AC power in standby non-hardwired applications. Low-end portable generators...

Sep 3 2015

Global Li-Ion Battery Market for Power Tool 2015-2019

About Li-ion Batteries for Power Tools Li-ion batteries are mainly used in devices such as power tools, and handheld devices owing to their high...

Sep 3 2015

Global Home Energy Management Systems Market 2015-2019

About HEMS A HEMS allows homeowners to monitor and reduce the energy consumption of electrical and electronic devices at home and hence to...

Sep 3 2015

Global Diesel Portable Generator Market 2015-2019

About generators Generators provide temporary AC or DC power by using supplied fuel such as gasoline, diesel, and gas. They can be used as a...

Sep 3 2015

Global Plastic Caps and Closures Market 2015-2019

About plastic caps and closures The caps and closures segment is an essential part of the packaging industry. This segment serves various...

Sep 3 2015

Paragon Offshore Announces Borrowing Of Substantially All Remaining Capacity Under Senior Secured Revolving Credit Facility

 Paragon Offshore plc ("Paragon") (NYSE: PGN) announced today that it had borrowed approximately $332 million under its senior secured...

Sep 3 2015

Global Urea Market 2015-2019

About Urea Urea is an organic compound chemically produced from the waste that the body creates after metabolizing protein. The synthetic version...

Sep 3 2015

Global Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Market 2015-2019

About enhanced oil recovery Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is also known as tertiary recovery. It uses various technologies to enhance the...

Sep 3 2015

Global Crop Protection Chemicals Market 2015-2019

About crop protection chemicals The world population is growing at an alarming rate. It is estimated that by 2050, the global population will...

Sep 3 2015

Global Computed Radiography and Digital Radiography Market 2015-2019

About computed radiography and digital radiography Computed radiography and digital radiography are imaging techniques that use electromagnetic...

Sep 3 2015

IGBT & Thyristor Market by Packaging Type, Power Rating, & Application, & Geography - Global Analysis & Forecast to 2020

The IGBT and thyristor market report analyzes the key trends in the market on the basis of its various segmentations. The IGBT market has been...

Sep 3 2015

Global Pyrethroids Market 2015-2019

About Pyrethroids Pyrethrins are one of the oldest known insecticides and are derived from dried and crushed flower heads of two species of asters:...

Sep 3 2015

Global Residential Portable Generator Market 2015-2019

About Portable Generators Generators are devices that convert mechanical energy into electric energy. The source of mechanical energy can be...

Sep 3 2015

Pouches Market in US 2015-2019

About pouches Pouches are made of flexible or easy-yielding materials and can be easily shaped into the required design based on the nature of the...


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