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Feb 10 2016

Fresh Sustainable Seafood Catches on at WSU Dining

 With issues as broad and impactful as ocean health, day-to-day actions may seem like a drop in the bucket. However, thanks to a new...

Feb 10 2016

Local Governments Stand with the Administration on Clean Power Plan, Renew Support

 The National League of Cities (NLC), on behalf of local leaders across the country, reaffirmed its support for the Obama administration's...

Feb 10 2016

Rekapitulation am letzten Tag: Unterzeichnung der "Dubai Charter of Sustainable Development Cities Alliance" beim Weltregierungsgipfel 2016

Wichtige Vertreter mehrerer Partnerstädte und -organisationen kamen zusammen, um die "Dubai Charter of Sustainable Development Cities...

Feb 10 2016

In Wake Of Supreme Court Stay, 4 Business Groups Urge States To Proceed With Clean Power Plan Efforts

American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), Ceres, and Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) released...

Feb 10 2016

Ballard Announces Fourth Quarter 2015 Conference Call

VANCOUVER, Feb. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLD) will hold a conference call on Thursday, February 25,...

Feb 10 2016

Mitsui & Co. Invests Additional $CDN25 Million in BioAmber Sarnia

MONTREAL, Febr. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - BioAmber Inc. (NYSE: BIOA), a leader in renewable materials, is pleased to announce that Mitsui &...

Feb 10 2016

Récapitulatif du dernier jour : La charte de Dubaï de l'Alliance des villes pour le développement durable a été signée au Sommet mondial des gouvernements 2016

Des représentants clés de plusieurs villes et organisations jumelées se sont réunis pour signer la Charte de Dubaï de...

Feb 10 2016

Report By Brattle Economists Finds Electric Water Heaters Can Provide Economic And Environmental Benefits

 A new report by economists at global economic consulting firm The Brattle Group reveals that advanced strategies of using electric water...

Feb 10 2016

Firmado el "Acta de Dubai de la Alianza de Ciudades por el Desarrollo Sostenible"

- Resumen del día: Firmado el "Acta de Dubai de la Alianza de Ciudades por el Desarrollo Sostenible" en la Cumbre de Gobierno Mundial...

Feb 10 2016

Colorado Pesticide Recall - Solution Needed

In the last five months, nearly 200,000 Colorado cannabis products have been recalled in 19 separate incidents due to the improper and illegal...

Feb 10 2016

Advanced Disposal Delays Pricing Of Initial Public Offering

Advanced Disposal Services, Inc., an integrated environmental services company, today announced that it has postponed its previously announced...

Feb 10 2016

Final Day Recap: Dubai Charter of Sustainable Development Cities Alliance Signed at World Government Summit 2016

Key representatives of several sister cities and organizations gathered to sign the 'Dubai Charter of Sustainable Development Cities Alliance'...

Feb 10 2016

ClearRefining Technologies, Ninth Wing Capital To Develop Near-Zero Emission Refining Facilities; PGA Player Billy Hurley To Promote Clean Diesel

 ClearRefining Technologies, LLC, and Ninth Wing Capital, LLC, today announced its partnership to establish modular near-zero emission...

Feb 10 2016

Protect Product Sales Across Europe by Taking Control of WEEE Compliance

Manufacturers who sell products through distributors in Europe can increase sales flexibility and reduce business risk by taking advantage of new...

Feb 10 2016

APC Group SA ouvre de nouveaux bureaux à Genève pour servir les marchés européens, africains et américains

APC Group SA, partie intégrante du groupe mondial Plantation Capital Group et société primée de gestion des plantations...

Feb 10 2016

APC Group SA eröffnet neues Büro in Genf für die Betreuung der Märkte in Europa, Afrika und Amerika

APC Group SA, ein Mitglied der Plantation Capital Group und ein preisgekröntes Unternehmen für nachhaltiges Plantagenmanagement,...

Feb 10 2016

First TECOCHILL Chillers Sold to Indoor Agriculture Industry

 Tecogen® Inc. (NASDAQ: TGEN) is pleased to announce the company's first sale into the indoor agriculture industry. MadeWell Ventures LLC...

Feb 10 2016

Komax Hi-Pass Mixer Makes the Grade

 Few things are more important in the world today than ensuring businesses have what they need to move forward, and Komax Systems is providing...

Feb 10 2016

Hydrology & Hydraulics Becomes Newest Practice at Jones|Carter

 Hydrology & Hydraulics (H&H), a significant service-offering at Jones|Carter since 1976, has expanded to become a full practice within...

Feb 10 2016

Acclaim Energy Announces Senior Management Team Promotions

Houston-based Acclaim Energy ( today announced promotions and expanded responsibilities on its executive management team. The...


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