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Feb 28 2015

Gaggle Wins Bronze at the 2015 Stevie(R) Awards for Sales & Customer Service

 Gaggle, a leader in educational technology for more than 15 years, received a Bronze Award for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year...

Feb 28 2015

Frost & Sullivan: Enterprise Services Market in Indonesia is Expected To Reach US$3.86 billion by 2019

Indonesia is the largest economy in ASEAN and a member of G-20 major economies. The country's GDP in 2025 is projected to reach US$3.1 trillion,...

Feb 28 2015

Eleventh Annual "Belle of the Ball" Prom Dress Collection Drive Runs Through April 5, 2015

Award season and red carpet fashion coverage can be a painful reminder that prom season is just a fantasy for families with limited financial...

Feb 28 2015

Working Together to Prevent and Address Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls

Issued on behalf of parties named below OTTAWA, Feb. 28, 2015 /CNW/ - Indigenous families and leaders, Premiers, provincial and territorial...

Feb 27 2015

Meningitis Angels Testify at CDC for Stronger Recommendations on Men B Vaccines

 The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) held a hearing earlier this week on...

Feb 27 2015

2015 State of Addiction Brings Together Industry and Political Influencers to Discuss Hollywood's Relationship With Addiction

Today, Conscious Recovery by CLARE gathered thought leaders and influencers from across the music, entertainment, and government...

Feb 27 2015

Harwood Feffer LLP Announces Investigation of TCP International Holdings Ltd.

Harwood Feffer LLP ( is investigating potential claims against the board of directors of TCP International Holdings Ltd. ("TCP"...

Feb 27 2015

SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Brodsky & Smith, LLC Announces Investigation of The Board of Directors of UIL Holdings Corporation - UIL

Law office of Brodsky & Smith, LLC announces that it is investigating potential claims against the Board of Directors of UIL Holdings...

Feb 27 2015

Team Detroit Stirs Up Creativity During SXSW with Crowd Funding Pitch Competition at First Ever "Austin SOUP"

 WPP's Team Detroit, a leading global advertising and design agency, invites Austinites and SXSW goers alike to see what's brewing at the...

Feb 27 2015

Drivers For Apple, Yahoo, eBay, Zynga, Genentech And Amtrak Join Teamsters

 Drivers who transport employees for six big Silicon Valley companies have voted overwhelmingly 104 to 38 in favor of representation by...

Feb 27 2015

White House Privacy Bill Fails To Give Adequate Protection, Consumer Watchdog Says

 The proposed Privacy Bill of Rights Act released by the White House today fails to adequately protect consumer privacy and allows industry to...

Feb 27 2015

Star Energy Partners Launches Green Energy Give Back Program For Ohio Schools

Star Energy Partners (Star), a premier energy provider focusing on bringing green energy solutions to homes and businesses throughout Ohio, is...

Feb 27 2015

Everytown Statement on Missouri Court's "Strict Scrutiny" Decision That Allows Convicted Felons to Possess Guns

In response to Missouri Circuit Court Judge Robert H. Dierker's ruling today that will allow convicted felons to possess firearms as a result of...

Feb 27 2015

NCRI-US: Tehran terrified of revelation of secret nuclear site

Subsequent to the Iranian Resistance's revelations about the Lavizan-3 site, which the religious fascism ruling Iran had hidden for years, panic...

Feb 27 2015

Ryan & Maniskas, LLP Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Ryan & Maniskas, LLP announces that a class action lawsuit has been filed in United States District Court for the Southern District of...

Feb 27 2015

Ryan & Maniskas, LLP Announces Investigation of TCP International Holdings Ltd.

 Ryan & Maniskas, LLP has commenced an investigation into potential securities law violations by certain officers of TCP International...

Feb 27 2015

Financial Risk Managers Expect Regulatory Complexity, Volume and Cost to Increase over the Next Three Years

 Of senior risk professionals attending the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) 16th Annual Risk Management Convention this week,...

Feb 27 2015

ALERT: LA Gas Prices Jump 17 Cents, Largest Overnight Spike in Two Years, as Consumer Watchdog Calls for Senate Subpoena of Tesoro CEO

 Gas prices have jumped up 80 cents a gallon in California since refinery shutdowns and slowdowns began on February 1, and 17 cents in Los...

Feb 27 2015

League of Angels - Fire Raiders Coming Soon for iOS and Android

 League of Angels is coming soon to iOS and Android devices! League of Angels – Fire Raiders, the sequel to the immensely popular...

Feb 27 2015

Ateeco, Inc., Maker of Mrs. T's Pierogies, Issues Voluntary Regional Product Recall of Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Pierogies Due to Plastic Contamination

On February 27, 2015, Mrs. T's Pierogies, of Shenandoah, PA, announced the voluntary recall of specific lots of its Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil...


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