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May 14 2012

A Brief Blog Profile: Inhabitots

by Thomas Hynes


The motto on Inhabitots is "sustainable design for the next generation." And they don't mean that in a hypothetical way. At it's core, this is also a blog about babies. This is a blog about being a green parent. Whether it's furniture, decor, clothing, food, medicine, toys or other gear, this site wants to arm parents with products that will help them raise their kids well. And ideally, this could all be done without damaging the planet.

On this post, you'll read about how to safeguard a home nursery from toxins. That's good for both the baby and the ecosystem.  Actually, toxins are probably bad for everyone and everything. On this post, you'll read about farm-to-school lunch programs. Again, this is good for the kids and good for the environment. Still, Inhabitots is about being a parent. Not surprisingly, you can expect to stumble upon things like this recipe for lemon bars or this post on how to make strawberry jam. And as you may have guessed, both of these are organic.

I don't have any children so I won't tell anyone how to raise their kids. But I do live on this planet. Being a green parent seems like a natural thing to do.  It's one thing to raise your kids well, but it's also worthwhile to ensure those children grow up in a healthy world.


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