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360WiseMedia is a social media strategy and marketing consultancy. By building virally engaging marketing solutions, 360WiseMedia helps small business and major brands create and extend their product and brand strategies.


The 360WiseNews platform fulfills the need for a universal unbiased news platform for all colors, cultures and creeds, and is dedicated to the viral-ability of getting your message heard.  The 360WiseNews platform is Powered by 360WiseMedia.  

5 Dariya

5 Dariya News is an online, multilingual website that delivers news in English, Hindi and Punjabi. As of today, 5 Dariya News’ coverage is spread across Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. 5 Dariya News offers its readers insights into real-time developments in the world of politics, business, international affairs, sports and entertainment while also keeping up with local happenings. 

A Fun Adventure

At A Fun Adventure our goal is to provide information about fun and interesting places to visit, as well as booking hotel rooms.

A Rain of Thought

A Rain of Thought is an entertainment lifestyle blog. You'll find the latest in music, movies, food, fashion, shows, restaurants, gadgets and sometimes just my random rants and ramblings. We’re always looking to be right on the pulse of what’s new to share with you. 


A Rear Facing Family

A Rear Facing Family is one passionate mom's blog about in-car safety, car seats, tips, reviews & advice. Dedicated to offering information about all areas of in-car safety and ensuring that all children get the safest ride possible, A Rear Facing Family strives to inform parents, care-givers and others about the many choices available, and the benefits of extended rear-facing (ERF) car seats.

A Rear Facing Family - because rear facing saves lives.


AboutPharma has been for the last 10 years the reference for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals in Italy. With a circulation of 20,000 copies for each of the 10 editions per year, AboutPharma is part of HPS - Health Publishing and Services reaching thousands of doctors, decision makers and opinion leaders in Italy and making it an indispensable and innovative informative platform for this specialised local market. About Pharma, with “Job in Pharma”, is also the leader in online Healthcare recruitment. 



For leaders in the era of responsibility & accountability.  Accountability-Central, published by G&A Institute, is a publicly available Web-accessed global information platform for news, updates, opinion & commentary, and research resources focused on Sustainability and ESG issues and topics. (ESG=environmental & energy, social issues and corporate governance factors.) 

Al Arabiya News

Al Arabiya News is the English-language service of the Al Arabiya News Channel, the leading 24-hour news station in the Arab world. Launched in 2007 as a bridge between the Arabic-language television channel and the English-speaking world, the site features a new design with a unique View More video service.  Al Arabiya News seeks to reach an international audience in order to deepen understanding of Arab societies, cultures and economies. 

All About Technology

All About Technology is a disability-owned, certified minority business enterprise specializing in computer sales and service. Its mission is to build a bridge to the digital divide and make computing technology affordable for all. All About Technology provides a range of services and recycles electronic waste donations that would otherwise end up in landfills, and repurposes those products for low income customers and non-profit organizations.

All About the Child

All About the Child is a working mom's blog about parenting tips and stories, family travel, children's products, education and extra-curricular activities along with some personal commentary along the way.  

Along Comes Mary

Along Comes Mary is one of the fastest growing lifestyle and travel blogs based out of Los Angeles. Written and maintained by Mary Lansing, an LA native, the blog reflects traveling throughout California and beyond, while maintaining a gluten-free pesceterian lifestyle, as well as her comings and goings throughout LA, performing arts reviews, favorite products and exciting discoveries. 

AMFM Magazine

AngelaCARES, Inc.

A Passion to Care. The Ability to Help. 

AngelaCARES, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Jersey City, NJ. Our mission is to serve as an advocate and support system for senior citizens, their caregivers, and a mentor to the youth by educating and empowering them to volunteer. We are committed to strengthening communities by enhancing the quality of life through the generations.

Ann Again and again Reviews

Ann Again and again Reviews shares information on food, health and beauty products, and also provides good deals and coupon codes. This family friendly site is based out of Portland, Oregon.

Ask Auto Experts

The expert team of automotive writers from Motor Matters provides with easy-to-read, trusted automotive content in a variety of categories including: new/used car guides, car maintenance and repair advice, classic cars, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. The site contains articles that target consumer interest trends, niche automotive specialty products and expert research with regular features, such as Truck Talk, Get Off the Road, Classic Classics, Tech Out My New Car, Women Auto Know, Down the Road, Ask the Auto Doctor, Green Wheeling, Rolling Homes, 2-Wheeling Today, New on Wheels, plus the annual New Car Buyers Guide. Motor Matters has been supplying the newspaper industry with trusted automotive articles since 1992.

Automotive Service Association

The Automotive Service Association is the largest, nonprofit trade association of its kind dedicated to automotive service and collision repair professionals. Founded to help auto shop owners change and grow their businesses, we are governed by the independent service and repair professionals themselves. 

Aztec IP Solutions

Aztec IP Solutions LLC is an Inc. 500 company specializing in the management, design, and manufacturing of patent & corporate related awards and plaques. The San Diego-based company is currently utilized globally by over 500 international companies within 29 countries spanning over 4 continents. With cloud-based intellectual property management tools, global logistics monitoring, and patent program management, Aztec IP provides a comprehensive service for any company’s patent recognition needs.

B is 4

B is 4 is a lifestyle and family site that shares parenting tips, stories, crafts, recipes, reviews, giveaways and more.  We enjoy sharing our adventures with other families in hopes to inspire them and show them that life can get messy but be fun with all the blessings and bumps along the way.  We invite you to join us in our adventures! is a website that focuses on the entertainment and lifestyle needs of today's family. Babyrazzi offers work-safe and family-friendly insight into the latest celebrity gossip, paparazzi photos, and up-to-the-minute pop culture news with a targeted focus on celebrity babies, pregnancies, and all things family and relationships. We also offer product review and important product recall information.

Bartender Journey

The Bartender Journey Podcast is impassioned talk about Bartending, Spirits and Cocktails.  Focused on education, the weekly audio show and blog features cocktail recipes, spirit reviews, book recommendations and interviews with industry leaders.


BETSOL is a software engineering and managed IT services firm that delivers with award-winning innovation and 2x industry-average customer satisfaction.

Between The Wines

Between The Wines by Ruma Singh is a wine-focused website which gathers in varied elements of her travel, food and wine commentary, along with in-depth interviews and features on some of the biggest and best in the world of wine, spirits and more – by a trained journalist and WSET-qualified professional.


BioAlabama is Alabama's most comprehensive network of industry, academic and research institutions as well as entrepreneurial enterprises and service providers. We advocate for and bolster Alabama's presence in the national biotechnology industry. 


Biocom is the largest regional life science association in the world, representing more than 600 member companies in Southern California across all major life science sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, connected health and biorenewables. The association focuses on initiatives that positively influence the region’s life science community in the development and delivery of innovative products that improve health and quality of life. For more information on BIOCOM or the Southern California life science community, please click around our site ( or call (858) 455-0300.

Biofuel Central

Biofuel | For a cleaner transportation future

Biofuel Central provides the latest biofuel news with readable, non-technical articles. Each week, writers from around the world bring you the latest biofuel news. First, second, and third generation (algae), biofuels are main themes, along with industry news and government biofuel policy.

Black Dress Traveler

Take your palate on a stylish wine & food adventure with the Black Dress Traveler! Written by Wanda Mann (Certified Specialist of Wine), this acclaimed blog features wine reviews, interviews with winemakers, pairing suggestions, and tips on where to travel for exquisite culinary adventures.

Blog Pianolessen

From classical, to boogie and blues, at Blog Pianolessen, one can find a piano teacher, online piano lessons, learn to read notes, and learn all about the piano.

Bourbon & Oak

Bourbon & Oak: The latest in whiskey, gear, news and reviews.


BreaGettingFit is all about focusing on total fitness - mind, body, and spirit. Yes, workouts are fun, but so is proper time management, nutrition, and finding time to play.

Breastfeeding Needs

Breastfeeding Needs is a blog for breastfeeding parents that offers support, advice and product reviews. Many other parenting topics can be found here as well.

Bucket List Bars

Writers Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree travel America to bring you the oldest and most historic pubs, saloons and dives through their travel guide, Bucket List Bars, their website and their online travel documentaries. They also share drink recipes, news, reviews and information for the cocktail culture.


Business News This Week

Business News This Week is a leading news portal based in Odisha focusing on business news, corporate, finance and Indian economy. Being a business news portal the goal is to provide best business stories and events.

Business Today

Business Today provides the latest news from the business world from India and around the world. The news can be accessed on the Web, WAP or Social Media. It has more than 1.1 million likes on Facebook. The website has visually appealing, engaging news content and reasonable page length. The website has sections including Stocks, Finances, Industry, Technology, Opinions, Features, and others. facilitates the sale and purchase of retail businesses in the UAE by connecting business owners to a network of ready investors in the region. assists its sell side clients prepare business cases to achieve a successful sale or investment and promotes these opportunities to buyers and investors to help them achieve their investment goals. The company earns a fee upon successful transactions. 


Cannabis News Pro

Cannabis News Pro is the world’s foremost cannabis-specific mobile news source, providing consumers with the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date cannabis information available.  News feed content includes all things cannabis with topics such as legalization, trade events, and medicinal/industrial cannabis applications.  Cannabis Education, Activism and Community Empowerment are the core purposes of this industry-leading platform.  Support the Movement… Stay Informed.


CannaMaps enables users within the cannabis community to quickly and easily locate premium cannabis services. Find everything from physicians, dispensaries and analytic labs to 420-friendly places & events throughout the world.  Most importantly, CannaMaps provides total access to valuable information regarding current and emerging trends pertaining to the use, legislation and legalization of cannabis. CannaMaps is committed to ensuring that consumers are able to meet all of their cannabis-related needs. ( provides career tips, guidance and information about education and training programs across India. The site features articles, news and resources to help students and young professionals embark on and succeed in their professional careers.

Central Minnesota Mom

Central Minnesota Mom is written by a blogger named Karen who enjoys writing about product reviews, giveaways, and more. She keeps busy with her three children and spouse. Her hobbies include: travel, cooking, crafts, gardening, photography, technology, and fishing.

Central PA Alerts

The OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL Central PA Alerts. We serve the latest breaking news to Juniata, Mifflin, Perry, and Snyder Counties in Central Pennsylvania.

Cliff's Wine Picks

Cliff's Wine Picks is your number one resource in deciding which wine to buy, and then the best time to open it to maximize your enjoyment.  There are thousands (millions) of options, don't let a bad selection ruin your meal, get-together or event.

Cocktail Crafty

Cocktail Crafty provides home bartenders with creative cocktail recipes along with classic twists for better drinking at home. 

Cocktail Enthusiast

Cocktail Enthusiast is an exploration of cocktails and spirits, mixology and drinking culture, and provides discerning readers with cocktail recipes, liquor reviews and drinking news.

Cocktail Whisperer

The Cocktail Whisperer - a mixologist, chef and writer - features exciting recipes, tasting notes and articles.

Coffee for Mom

Coffee for Mom is a PR Friendly blog that loves to introduce people to new products through reviews.   We also love to cover the latest in entertainment, travel, new releases and run giveaways for our readers to help give new and existing companies a boost in social media.

Cookistry Reviews

If you love cooking and want to know about new cooking gadgets, small appliances and new food products, Cookistry Reviews does the testing and tasting and gives the pros and cons of every product. 

Crafty Mama in ME

Crafty Mama in ME is written by Shannon, currently a stay-at-home mom to two children. She loves to bake and enjoys planning activities for the kids. The blog focuses on kid’s activities, baking, crafts and our travels as a family.

Crypto Currency Directory


Curve, the nation’s best-selling lesbian magazine, spotlights all that is fresh, funny, exciting, controversial and cutting-edge in our community. Curve brings you the latest in lesbian-related celebrity interviews, news, politics, pop culture, style, travel, social issues and entertainment.

Diabetic Foodie

Diabetic Foodie strives to prove that a diabetes diagnosis is not a dietary death sentence by providing healthy recipes and tips. Even if you don’t have diabetes, you’ll love the food. Travel-related information and product reviews are occasionally featured.

Dixieland Media

Dixieland Media is a lifestyle and travel review site. We offer the most up-to-date reviews on products and travel destinations to an audience of over 193,000 subscribers, along with our large number of social media followers. We are a PR-friendly site and enjoy working with various brands including cruise lines, hotels, airlines, tourism bureaus and a variety of product brands. 

DIY Design Mom

With a focus on frugal living without sacrificing style, DIY Design Mom's mission is to save parents time, money, and energy. As a multimedia platform, major business-to-business influencer, and a trusted blog among moms, DIY Design Mom discusses fashion, interior design, DIY home improvement, parenting, fitness, product reviews, and lifestyle topics. With the launch of its App available from the Google Play store, thousands of followers across social media channels, affililiations with parent-related media networks and numerous partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, DIY Design Mom is rapidly expanding.

Dreams in Heels

Dreams in Heels (DIH) is a Trendy Blogazine focused on travel destinations, style & beauty and the power of influence. Founded by NYC-based writer, adventurer and fashionista, Olga Maria Czarkowski, Dreams in Heels was designed to inspire and empower women all around the world to live their lives to the fullest each and every day. Join Olga on her next adventure via DIH Blogazine's social media username #Dreamsinheels.

Driver Emotion

Driver Emotion provides information about electric & hybrid cars. Driver Emotion also provides car sales services in The Netherlands.

Drones Magazine

The team of multi-rotor experts at Drones Magazine helps readers make the most of multi-rotor craft in each issue. This authoritative magazine is dedicated exclusively to drone flight, and is positioned to help provide readers with a growing enthusiasm for these versatile machines!  Whether you’re an experienced RC pilot or just starting out, Drones Magazine will help you learn more about building, piloting and maximizing capabilities.

Eat Drink & be Skinny

Eat Drink & be Skinny is a fun girl’s guide to having it all! Whether you’re looking for a 30-day fitness challenge to blast some fat, a quick and healthy recipe to pull together in only a few simple steps, a fresh detox juice recipe or even a skinny cocktail, Teresa stocks her site with all the information you need to make fitness fun and weight loss a reality. is designed to reflect the contributions and concerns of the people of India, their language, society, politics, education, health, economy, business and industry, tourism, public grievances, citizen services, inspiring success stories and anything and everything that affects them and has impacts on provincial and national public policy. has fast entrenched itself in the lives of a young and dynamic readership on India in India and throughout the globe.

Electronic Parenting

Stop by and enjoy tips and tricks to raising kids in a digital era.

Elite Streets Magazine

Elite Streets Magazine ( is an on-line, all encompassing source for custom autos including classic cars, hot rods, vintage cars, street rods, muscle cars, sport trucks, 4x4 trucks, SUVs, shows & lifestyle events.

Embracing the Spectrum

Embracing the Spectrum is about our family’s everyday life with autism. The message we're promoting is one of love and acceptance of autism. Our hope is that Embracing the Spectrum will provide a place of support and advice for those who have family members and friends with autism. is a compatibility matching platform for voters and candidates in both political and private elections. Dating websites match commonalities in people for successful relationships, and we’ve applied those principles to voting (limited availability for 2014 mid-term elections). From U.S. president to senior class president, or Board of Trustees to Hall of Fame inductees, generations will entrust our matching process to give every vote a voice.

Every Thing For Dads

Every Thing For Dads is a unique blend of interactive modern media content for and about dads and parenting from across the globe, covering everything from serious and political news and issues to the funny and entertaining -- but with your lifestyle and everyday needs in mind.

Using our unique experience in niche grassroots and cause-marketing we continue to successfully propel and assist businesses and organizations of all sizes and types to expand their promotion and marketing reach to engage modern dads and families.

Expat Ideas

Expat Ideas is a platform to promote startups from across the globe. It is the first of its kind online platform to have a diversified industry approach with unbiased geography coverage. Aimed at budding entrepreneurs and investors, alike, Expat Ideas seeks to forgo geographical boundaries to create a favourable environment for the growth of the startup industry. 


Fabgrandma is a Baby Boomer lifestyle blog, where Karen Eidson writes about gluten-free recipes; travel, including hotel and restaurant reviews; remodeling and redecorating her home; visiting antique and thrift shops; craft and sewing projects; health issues of interest to senior citizens; and being a grandmother. She loves doing product reviews and giveaways too! Sponsorships for projects are always welcome.

Fancy That!

Fancy That! is a lifestyle blog featuring honest reviews, giveaways, and upcoming deals to offer to their readers. The readers of Fancy That! love a good deal and love to enter giveaways. Some of the type of reviews and giveaways you may find on this blog include food and beverage related reviews (including alcohol), technology, travel and entertainment reviews, beauty and clothing items, and more. 

Fashion Design and Art Week (FDAW)

Fashion Design and Art Week (FDAW) is a 3-day fashion event contending an extensive boost to Virginia's fashion market, with the ultimate goal of building Virginia as a new fashion capital. FDAW bridges the gap between buyers, consumers and members of the media/press to view upcoming collections from VA native designers, and others around the world.

Fitness Trainer Magazine

Fitness Trainer Magazine is a digital publication that fills the niche existing for a business-to-business publication to help personal/fitness trainers succeed in their professions and improve their service to clients. Much as patients look to doctors for advice to stay well, clients look to trainers to stay fit. Fitness Trainer writers are renowned authorities on the several subjects that are relevant to the training profession. 

Florida Solar Energy Industries Association

The Florida Solar Energy Industries Association (FlaSEIA) is a non-profit professional association of companies. Since 1977, we have been dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of the solar energy industry in Florida.

Fusion Middle East

Fusion Middle East is the partner of choice for Company Formation services in Qatar and the UAE. By taking responsibility for each successful company formation and handling all local corporate services, we give our clients the peace of mind they need to focus on what is most important: running their company.  Using our extensive experience, broad network of contacts and local know-how, we are driven to create solutions which empower our clients to run their businesses, fully in control.

Gluten Free Retailer

Gluten Free Retailer provides retailers and other readers with informative feature stories and expert columns on a variety of different gluten-free product categories. GFR also provides readers with useful information about top-selling brands and products, industry trends, current sales results, as well as the latest new product introductions ready for “prime time” on store shelves. Every issue of GFR also includes all of the most important industry news, along with expert-written columns from knowledgeable gluten-free industry leaders. is the web- and mobile-based platform striving to promote global business events spread throughtr 50 Industries and geographies. Goevnts is currently developing custom mobile phone application for events to help events and exhibitors better reach their target audience and also guide attendees to choose the best event. 

Good Spirits News

Good Spirits News reports on the latest trends in mixology from around the world; reviewing spirits, liqueurs, and bitters; the best new spirited publications; bar tools; competitions and cocktail events. GSN Editor Blair Frodelius is a professional full-time musician, an award-winning mixologist, USBG Spirits Professional, and BarSmarts Live & Wired graduate. Several of his original cocktails can be found in the 75th Anniversary Mr. Boston Official Bartenders Guide.

Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.

Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. 

Navigating the way to sustainability.  Governance & Accountability Institute is a consultant to corporations and investors on Sustainability/ESG issues, strategy and reporting.  The institute provides research, critical information, knowledge management, strategic counsel and advisory services to corporate and community leaders and investors related to Sustainability, ESG, Corporate Responsibility (CR), Responsible and Sustainable Investment (SRI) and Community Investment (CI). 

Grape Experiences

Grape Experiences is a popular wine bog covering wine reviews, articles about international wine regions, people who are movers and shakers within the wine industry, and recommendations for food and wine pairings. Grape Experiences is one of Exel Wine’s "Top 100 Most Influential Blogger" of 2015. 


Hospitality21 is a cutting-edge digital publication written for affluent, curiosity-driven, sophisticated, intrepid world travelers. Our articles are diverse, covering a broad range of topics that our discerning audience craves. Editorial coverage includes travel, business, luxury goods, food and drink, global culture, and industry updates.


Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

Hudson Valley Wine Goddess is a blog by Debbie Gioquindo whose goal is to educate you and take the intimidation out of wine.  Read wine reviews, interviews with winemakers, food and wine pairings and more.

Illinois Solar Energy Association

The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the widespread application of solar and other forms of renewable energy through our mission of education and advocacy. ISEA is the state resource for renewable energy related policy developments, educational classes, events and access to local renewable energy businesses.


IN LOVE WITH COSMETICS is a beauty website & blog, focusing on new makeup and skincare products, makeup artists, gurus and bloggers in the world.

India Online

India’s first ever local search engine that represents India globally. has a a network of 334+ dedicated portals linking all states, union territories, metros and major cities of India. It is also supported by many supplementing vertical sites. The complete list of city-specific websites belonging to India Online can be found here:

India Today

India Today provides the latest news from politics, cricket, sports, business and cinema from India and around the world. The news can be accessed on the Web, WAP, Social Media or Smart Phone applications thereby reaching a wide variety of audiences. It has more than 6.5 million likes on Facebook. The website has visually appealing, engaging news content and reasonable page length. The India Today App is also available for every smart phone. Online users can read and consume news on the move. is a globally renowned industry portal that publishes relevant and valuable editorial content covering a wide range of business news, events, analysis, trends, market research reports, technical articles, opportunities, intelligence and insights on a large scale spreading across multiple industry verticals, sectors, activities, topics and territories.

iNeed a Playdate

iNeed a Playdate is a quirky blog with an occasional review or giveaway and a story or two tossed in for good measure.

Inside Wall Street Report

IWSR is a financial publishing website, which is designed to provide individual investors with news, articles, research and information on small cap, micro- cap, and OTC markets.

Institute for Global Ethics

Founded in 1990 with offices in New York City, Camden, Maine and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin the Institute for Global Ethics in is an independent, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting ethical action in a global context.

International Daily News

As the only English-language daily newspaper run by American Chinese, International Daily takes a look at both the natural and human landscapes in China, as well as provides a daily flow of news and information on China to its readers. International Daily is mainly circulated throughout the Los Angeles region. It is the first time for a Chinese American newspaper to enter the US mainstream media distribution channel. The paper has proven highly successful in being the voice of China, in delivery information about China and helping mainstream society discover the real China.


InvestFourMore helps people become financially free with real estate through fix and flipping, rental property investment, and being a real estate agent. The site has a weekly podcast, over 400 free articles, free eBooks, and multiple coaching programs.

It's just the booze dancing...

It's just the booze dancing...

A collaborative blog about craft beer, whisky, cocktails, and so much more. We cover Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between!


Jenkins Real Estate Group, LLC

The Jenkins Real Estate Group, LLC is a residential real estate service specializing in helping buyers and sellers resolve their real estate needs through creative financing and all-cash deals. This allows us the flexibility to meet tight transactional deadlines and also to help home buyers who might not qualify for financing through traditional means.

Joyful Gifts by Julie

Joyful Gifts by Julie is a blog with PR-friendly posts and reviews. Julie's reviews and write-ups are her honest opinions about a company and/or their products or services. The blog also offers giveaways to help companies gain followers and potential customers for the social media platforms they choose. Joyful Gifts by Julie also has a gifting niche.

June Grace

June Grace is a freelance writer who grew up traveling the globe. She writes about her adventures in love, motherhood, and the relentless search for balance. June has a master’s degree in psychology and her writing has been featured on xoJane and YourTango, as well as other parenting websites.

Just Your Average Momma

Just Your Average Momma is Faith, Family, Food, Fashion and Beer. All of my favorite things in one place. An eclectic mix of surviving this crazy life and sometimes thriving thanks to God's grace.

Kansas Tourism

Kansas is rich in the unexpected, often confounding to even savvy travelers, offering hidden gems and secret trophies, a place where modest itineraries are regularly derailed by a wealth of unforeseen (and surprising) possibilities just too good to pass up. Come see for yourself why there's no place like Kansas.  

Kay’s Ways

Kay’s Ways is a healthy hair care, beauty and lifestyle blog where we share our experiences with the latest products. Good, Bad or Ugly (mostly good though, we love trying new things!), you will always get an honest opinion based on each encounter. Based in NYC, with Kay's Ways you'll find product reviews, giveaways, and video demonstrations for everything from entertainment, technology, family life and of course hair & makeup too!  Follow the Kay's Ways journey in everyday (beauty-obsessed) life…..My Way!


Kbuuk is an online book world for the modern reader and independent author. The platform offers an online retail bookstore as well as a centralized PubHub. The PubHub allows for simple .epub conversion and publication as well as the ability to distribute to third party retail channels. With social integration and a robust suite of analytic tools, reader/author engagement is enhanced and Kbuuk becomes the premier platform for readers to discover the hidden gems of the independent world, and for authors to refine their marketing and product strategy. Founded in 2011, Kbuuk is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, TX. For more information on Kbuuk, please visit

Kerala IT News

Kerala IT News is the one-stop shop for all IT news and IT-related jobs in Kerala. Our focus is IT in Kerala. It is a venture by an eminent journalist who has been covering Business and IT for over a decade and a half, with experience in Television, Print and Web.

Kinkster Mag

Kinkster Mag is a lifestyle magazine creating conversations about life and culture. We engage our uninhibited community by sharing opinion pieces and commentary and by featuring mainstream and indie artists.  


LaunchList is a startup for startups who are looking to tell the world about their new products. In addition to our blog and social media guides, we offer the latest startup & venture capital news, business recommendations and first-person perspectives on running a startup, which could save you money, time, and energy - the very things most crucial to every successful startup. In addition, we can provide cost-effective services to begin the buzz around your awesome idea. Broadcast Your Launch with LaunchList.

Lords of the Drinks

Lords of the Drinks brings you all kinds of boozy posts, funny drunk news, informative background stories, recipes for hangover food, drinking jokes, cocktail recipes, quotes by famous drunkards and much more.

Love & Biscotti

Catering to cosmopolitans, fashion aficionados and intellectuals, Love & Biscotti is Brittany “Bella” Graham’s self-proclaimed “purity bath.” Sharing her musings on fashion, philosophy, culture and spirituality, as well as her poetry, personal style and investigative editorials, Bella uses the platform to explore both light-hearted and deeper topics. A self-made marketing consultant, journalist and “digital nomad,” Bella also writes about her adventures in travel and dining, and career tips for creative professionals.

Maine Ocean and Wind Industry Initiative

The Maine Ocean and Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII) represents companies’ expertise within the Maine ocean and wind energy supply chain, works proactively to promote the expertise of member companies, and provides solutions to local, national, and international market participants. 

Maine Solar Energy Association

Please visit the website of Maine Solar Energy Association at  

We are the Maine State Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the public awareness and use of solar energy,  energy conservation, and other renewable non-polluting energy sources. 

Mama's Little Minions

We are a cloth-diapering, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, breastfeeding family who loves to be outdoors and exploring! Follow our journey as we become a full-time RV-living family. We make our lives as natural and organic and possible. spans a variety of topics relating to entertainment, current events and education. Author Sarah Peppel is an adjunct professor in communications, director of online education & media and freelance writer. 


Manhattanweek provides 24/7 news, as well as the latest information on what’s happening around the globe and social events, entertainment and sports updates.

Maria Liberati

The official blog/website of the award-winning book series The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati™ - soon to be a PBS TV series - and its author celebrity chef Maria Liberati written from Marias country farm in the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy.

Market News Release is an online repository of market content, news, industry statistics and research analysis, across several verticals useful for journalists, bloggers, key company executives, think tanks, educational institutions, research and consulting firms.

Marketing College

Discover the most recent internet marketing trends at

Minnesota Times

Minnesota Times was established in 2007 and is one of the Minnesota’s leading Chinese-language newspapers. The paper aims to advocate the core values of a democratic society: freedom, democracy, universal love and equality. In line with the mission of serving the community and the public good, the newspaper focuses on helping recent Chinese immigrants integrate into the mainstream society of the United States. Minnesota Times, by keeping its audience and clients first in mind, is committed to providing high quality news, professional editorials, well-designed advertisements and fine page printing and is highly regarded in the local Chinese community. The digital version and the website both facilitate access and add immensely to readership.

ModernThirst is dedicated to the good life. From industry news to American Whiskey and Craft Beer ratings and reviews, ModernThirst is the whiskey and beer enthusiast's perfect online companion.

Mom Blog Society

Mom Blog Society is a knowledge base for women, by women. We feature brands from around the world. Our vision is to utilize the power and potential of the Internet to connect consumers and brands around the world as never before.

Momma Without a Clue

Momma Without a Clue is a blog dedicated to all things “Mom,” from the messes and the fights to the joy and wonderment… and everything in between. We offer tips, advice, recipes, reviews, and giveaways - anything to make a mom’s life easier, because every mom is clueless at some point!



Mompreneur Ink

Mompreneur Ink is an online community for mothers who are – or want to become – small business owners. Our mission is to develop Mompreneurs through business coaching support and accountability, timely and relevant small business resources and trusted expert referrals. We provide a one-stop-shop where Moms get everything necessary to operate a home-based business and see immediate results – now.

Mompreneur Media

Mompreneur Media is an online hub for mom entrepreneurs. We feature up-and-coming mom entrepreneurs all around the world and also connect them with brands that help them run their business with greater ease. Through web design and marketing Mompreneur Media helps mompreneurs position their business for successful growth. Discover the advantage powerful marketing can create for any business at

Money Savvy Living

Money Savvy Living is a resource for budgeting and money saving tips on everything from trimming your grocery bill to building your savings for the future, family, faith, and living a healthy lifestyle.  It really is possible to live the good life… on a budget.  

More About Wine

More About Wine is a blog written by Tom Marquardt, who has been co-authoring a weekly, syndicated wine column for more than 30 years.

Munching on Books

Munching on Books is a hungry book review site that focuses on cookbooks, with a smattering of food-related fiction and non-fiction. Once in a while, Munching steps away from the table and wanders off to review books in other genres. 

Naija Standard Newspaper

Naija Standard Newspaper is an online publication dedicated to investigative journalism, reflecting all sides of the story. Our goal is to educate, entertain and keep readers informed about issues of interest to Africans and the black American community.  Our mission is to redefine investigation journalism without fear or favor.  We have African regional offices in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with foreign headquarters in the US.

Natural Practitioner

Natural Practitioner provides health, nutrition and business information to alternative, complementary and integrative health care professionals to help them succeed in their practices and better serve their patients/clients. NP fills a need among the professional natural health care field for a trade publication that offers news and analysis, as well as product information and insights from leading practitioners, designed to benefit their business operations and health care practices.

News Bharati

News Bharati is a general news website that covers unbiased news in English and Hindi. It focuses mainly on national happenings while also reporting the latest news from the international stage, sports, business, lifestyle and technology.

News Track

News Track is a leading provider of news, information and entertainment. Pioneering unique concepts like ON WHEEL NEWS CHANNEL, M-REPORTER, and D-PAPER, News Track helps readers stay on top of the latest news.

Newstime Africa

Newstime Africa (Africa’s Breaking News Center) was founded to bridge the information gap that exists around news coverage on Africa, and provide a balanced medium for Africans to get their news from one authoritative source. Newstime Africa has now become a global news organisation. With over 20 correspondents across Africa and around the world. Newstime Africa breaks the news as it happens in real time. For the latest news and information from across Africa –


Newzars brings you the latest on technology, social news, mobile phones, tablets and gadgets. It is a one stop portal for mobile phone and tablet specifications coupled with the best deals available for buying.

Nickely Challenged

Nickely Challenged is an allergy lifestyle blog, emphasizing nickel allergies but also catering to the eight top food allergies. It is a pit stop for all your allergy meal modifications, etiquette tips, product reviews, stories, research and more. Barbara Njuguna writes and maintains this PR- and sponsorships-friendly site so that she and her viewers can find new ways to live an allergy-free life.

Night Helper

The Night Helper is dedicated to bringing our readers good content and great advice on everyday family/life topics. We strive to keep our readers updated on products with reviews.

nonsonoquitter - Beauty Musings

A Korean beauty blog chock full of makeup and skincare reviews, and recommendations to inspire and inform your choices.

Norfolk Friends of Wind Power

Live green, share green.

Facilitating interaction in communities at the  threshold  between traditional and progressive thought. Linking green values in traditional settings in harmony with the new sources of power.

Not A Stepford Life

Not A Stepford Life looks at the chaos and insanity of marriage, family, parenting a large family, and society at large. Humourous, thought provoking, and opinontated. 

Now What?

Through personal stories and social commentary, Now What? is a blog that covers the emotions and experiences related to the coming out process. These are the author's thoughts on the amazing, awful, terrifying, hilarious, confusing, and most of all, wonderful experiences she's had while navigating the life she should have always been leading.  Join the explorations of love, Tinder, adulthood, and identity.

Nutrition Industry Executive

Nutrition Industry Executive is designed specifically for dietary supplement industry manufacturers and ingredient suppliers, as well as manufacturers of functional foods and beverages and suppliers of functional food and beverage ingredients. NIE provides news and information about the natural products industry relevant to the interests of manufacturers and suppliers, serving as a disseminator of product information from raw material suppliers to manufacturers of finished products. Published since 1997, NIE reaches over 10,000 nutrition industry members with each issue.

Our Dreams for Our Children

The book Our Dreams for Our Children is a wake-up call to baby boomers to discover the power of legacy and to start now to plan how they will share their legacies for the benefit of future generations.

Out In Jersey

From the latest news, to reviews of books, movies, and restaurants, Out In Jersey is the mid-Atlantic region's go-to place for LGBT culture. 

Personal Finance Today

Personal Finance Today provides useful information and practical guidance on savings, investments, taxation, comparisons and planning for retirement. Our aim is offer a wide range of topics, both helpful & educational. Part of the Angels Media Group, Personal Finance Today is the 12th in a series of highly successful, consumer-focused 'Today' publications. Personal Finance Today provides regular newsletters, updates and alerts with in-depth features and regular columns.

PES Wind

One of the planet's most-read wind energy publications and portals, PES Wind delves deep into the sector with a unique mix of analysis, features, comment and technical articles. The regular roundtables attract some of the industry’s highest profile interviewees, and every issue features exclusive content from the biggest names in wind energy.


PharmaTutor is a comprehensive website for the pharmacy & lifescience professionals. PharmaTutor provides important updates on jobs, projects, news, admission, conferences and event related to pharmacy & lifescience field. PharmaTutor Edu Labs is a monthly e-magazine that is brought out by the company.

Pioneer Alliance News

Pioneer Alliance News is one of the fastest growing Hindi websites, reachng millions of readers in India and the Indian Diaspora. Covering the latest news in politics, sports, entertainment, health and business, the site is a popular Hindi media news source.

Plum Doodles

Plum Doodles presents easy to follow tutorials for imparting a French country look on a budget. Simple gluten-free recipes, product reviews, and faith lessons are also on the menu.

Join us for "a doodle of fun, faith, and furniture." 

Plunkett Research, Ltd.

Plunkett Research, Ltd. is a leading publisher of business and industry analysis and market research to corporate, academic and government markets.  Its research is packaged in industry-specific data tools covering all major sectors, published online as well as in ebook and print formats. Plunkett’s products are complete business resources, enabling professionals to access trends, statistics and companies in the world’s principal industries.  The firm covers health care, infotech, retailing, financial services, transportation and all other business and industry sectors.

Property Overseas Today

Property Overseas Today is a website aimed at delivering daily overseas property news and information, compiled by leading international property journalists. Whether you are looking to buy a property abroad or already own a property abroad, stay in touch with the ever-changing overseas property market and gain independent expert advice from our team of overseas property experts.

Pull That Cork

We enjoy wine, food and travel. Pull That Cork is a chronicle of our wine adventures, the food and wine pairings we create and our travels which are increasingly organized around wine.

Pursuing Pinot

Pursuing Pinot was conceived as the author prepared for her first trip to Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the fall of 2011.  Articles are intended to provide education, insight, and inspiration within the world of wine.

Ready, Set, Parenthood!

Ready, Set, Parenthood! is a parenting blog written by two first-time parents sharing their journey. The blog features parenting experiences and tips, plus a lot of Cleveland, Ohio love. provides an online trending lifestyle platform as part of its strategy to be a leader in the evolving expanse of natural media scenery. This online trending news includes relevant, upscale lifestyle adventures and preferred products. The site offers original content from its online award-winning journalists, and through its partnership with PR Newswire, also provides lifestyle- and consumer-oriented news releases.

Rum & Oak

Rum & Oak: The latest in rum news and reviews.

Savage Gamers

Savage Gamers is a unique social network and news site made exclusively for Hardcore Gamers. Users can easily connect with other gamers who enjoy game titles rated T-M and earn rewards for reviewing games and being an active member. is world’s only educational magazine that brings students, parents, teachers, principals and schools together to share their best practices.  Students can share their self-written literary content such as poems, article, models, puzzles, drawings and any other creative writings.  Schools can share their day-to-day activities, cultural functions, annual days celebrations, announcements, competitions, job requirements and any news related to their schools.

SiftToGo sifts through millions of deals, all major travel booking websites, and thousands of hotels & airlines and present travelers the best available rates. We do the comparison for travelers and get the lowest possible price. is the purveyor of news, tips, and ideas on startup, business and lifestyle. We feature US and non-based startup businesses.

Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed offers the latest in news, reviews, video clips, interviews, and more.

Skipah's Realm - Divorced father speaking his mind.

Skipah's Realm - Divorced father speaking his mind.  A personal blog of going through a divorce, custody battle, and post-divorce.  All revolving around the most beautiful girl in the world and the various antics that she and her dad get into with the help of a pet hamster.

Smart Tech Today

Smart Tech Today gives its readers everything that is news-worthy from the world of politics, technology, health, travel and finance. Moreover, it equips its readers, from across the globe, with the opportunity to share news and views on its vibrant platform. ( provides information on software companies and products targetd targeted at the small-to-medium sized business segment.

Spell Your Happiness

Spell Your Happiness is a native Filipina posting about her journey as she and her son conquer the world. Here you'll find mostly information about her son's battle with a rare brain tumor called Craniopharyngioma, everything about single parenting and how to handle it, and her food choices.


Spit Up is the New Black

Spit Up is the New Black is a destination for fashion trends, women's and kid's products, travel, DIY crafts, giveaways, and tales of new parenting struggles. Follow this mom of two as she navigates motherhood in style, from leopard pumps to breast pumps.


StartupDope is a leading source for news, information and resources about Bleeding edge Technology and Startups. StartupDope reports on the latest innovations in technology, upcoming trends and everything that is cutting edge to our present generation and tries to keep people updated around the world.

Sun Airlines

Sun Airlines is an aviation organization focused on providing quality aviation information. On the Sun Airlines site your can find detailed aircraft information and aviation related content. Sun Airlines will continue to showcase our enjoyment of aviation and develop innovative ideas to further enhance aviation's past, present and future.

Sunbrid Arizona

The mission of is to enrich the lives of the local Chinese communities through online media services, and to promote Chinese cultures across all of the USA. is the largest and most comprehensive and active Chinese website in the Grand Canyon State and for the Arizona Chinese communities. With a region-specific website targeting Greater Phoenix, Tucson and all areas of Arizona, offers an array of online content including news that's relevant to Arizona as well as local Chinese communities, and local Chinese blogs, forums, yellow pages and classified listings, video and music streaming, and online advertising. The website aims to become the media center for local Chinese Internet users to collect local news, share opinions, build social networks, and for businesses to market and promote their products and services.

Swine & Swill

Swine & Swill celebrates spirits, craft beer, cocktails and pork. From toasting liquor holidays and reviewing spirits, craft beer and liqueurs to sharing recipes for everything from Palomas to pork chops, we love exploring every delicious aspect of drinking culture and porky eats, in Dallas and abroad. 

Tasting Room Confidential

Tasting Room Confidential is Mari Kane’s Vancouver blog featuring news, reviews, wine, beer, spirits, food pairing, and travel tips for British Columbia, California, Washington, Michigan, and Virginia wine country.

Tech Blog Corner

Tech Blog Corner provides tech buffs with the latest from the world of technology. Since its inception, Tech Blog Corner has established itself as a reliable source for news on Search Engines, SEO, PPC and Search Engine Marketing. 


TechGenYZ caters to the connected generation with the latest news on technology, social media, startups, apps, software, digital innovation and more, all of which influences people around the world. Founded in June 2015, TechGenYZ is a singular platform for the millennial generations Y and Z.

Tequila & Oak

Tequila & Oak: The latest in tequila news and reviews.

Texas Wine Lover

The Texas Wine Lover website has more content about Texas wine than any current website. Available on the website besides the blog is the most accurate Texas winery listings and map, Texas vineyard listings and map, podcast, wine reviews, and much more providing all possible information about Texas wine from the team of Texas Wine Lover.

The Angels’ Portion

The Angels’ Portion is a substantial assortment of whisky reviews like none you’ve ever read before. By means of storytelling, and with charming wit and vibrant style, Reverend Christopher I. Thoma, a Lutheran pastor in Michigan, shepherds the reader toward a divine insight: If you don’t like whisky, it may only be because you haven’t danced with the right bottle.

The Gourmez

The Gourmez is a restaurant, drink, and travel review blog founded in 2007 by author and food writer Rebecca Gomez Farrell. Rebecca has been an invited professional judge for several food competitions and has contributed articles to local media websites in the Bay Area of California and the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina. She is a featured user for the Vivino wine app and a featured blogger on Tabléog and Zomato.

The Hans India

The Hans India, a daily newspaper published from Hyderabad with bureaus across the State, provides news updates from around the world as they happen. The newspaper, which is part of the Hyderabad Media group,  is on its way to becoming the leading English newspaper in Andhra Pradesh.

The Hotel Times

We are The Hotel Times, an online hospitality news portal providing quality information to hoteliers and industry consultants. The portal serves a worldwide audience of hospitality professionals, providing them with both daily updated content and interactive services. The site offers industry news, multimedia streamed features, discussion platforms, a recruitment centre, a supplier marketplace and several focus areas such as technology and sales & marketing.

The Manitoba Chinese Tribune

The Manitoba Chinese Tribune (MCT) is a bi-monthly magazine published primarily in Mandarin. The magazine is the most resourceful guide for the Chinese community resident in Canada's Manitoba province, helping them to meet their needs during the cultural transition. The magazine features original articles by local authors depicting the Chinese experience in Manitoba. In addition to its own web site, the magazine also has a print circulation of approximately 3,000 copies bi-monthly, with each issue proving to be in hot demand by its rapidly expanding readership. With hundreds of volunteers, MCT has been granted several awards by the National Ethnic Media Council of Canada, in 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The Mommy Rundown

The Mommy Rundown is a blog where moms can get real stories about the things we all deal with as parents. The site also shares news you can use, as well as product reviews and giveaways.

The New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers

The New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJ CAR) was founded in 1918 and is a non-profit organization serving more than 510 franchised new car and truck retailers throughout New Jersey. Auto retailing is a $30 Billion a year business in New Jersey, employing nearly 35,000 men and women and representing more than $1.5 Billion in State and local taxes.

The Pharma Times

The Pharma Times portal provides pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and others in the industry with the most comprehensive suite of web-based tools and pharma information available. The vast pharmaceutical and biotech industry is comprehensively covered to keep you up-to-date on breaking news, company announcements, trends and analysis.

The Power Times

Our definitive portal, The Power Times, provides information and news on power generation, transmission and distribution entities. There is in-depth coverage of projects, contracts and business news, to technological innovations and improvements, and to future market trends. We offer technology-focused e-newsletters, company search via online product and company directories. Other facilities include job postings, events calendar, interactive news commentary, blogging, social media connections, technology basics and much more.

The PR Toolkit

The PR Toolkit is a plug and play Web solution targeted toward small businesses. It is a resource filled with tips and tutorials to help small businesses craft a news release and improve upon their public relations efforts.

The Property Times

At The Property Times we present real estate news, information, advice, research, opinion and commentary for industry professionals and consumers alike. We are dedicated to sharing input from industry professionals, articles on breaking news, and statistics showing exactly what’s going on in the market. With up-to-date news published by our organization, investors stay informed on local and national trends. A more informed decision leads to making higher net returns.

The SME Times

The SME Times portal presents articles that provide actionable information for small business owners and their employees, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Profiles of entrepreneurs will be inspirational making you learn how to be one and progress to the next level. Our support to the small business community has resulted in an online discussion forum to share ideas and knowledge, ask questions, find help and encourage each other.

The Solar Living Institute

The Solar Living Institute is a 501 (c)(3) educational nonprofit organization offering instruction in solar training and sustainable practices.  Founded in 1998, we have been providing professional solar training and a wide array of sustainability courses for over 15 years. Our courses are taught by experienced practitioners who bring years of real world knowledge to the classroom with a focus on helping students prepare for job opportunities, start businesses, and live more sustainably.

The Spew

From justifying polygamy so she can go out drinking with the girls while her sister wives pick up the slack at home, to inventing the word douchepaste (fancy toothpaste for pretentious people), The Spew is the place readers go for a laugh and an unexpected spin (often a narcissistic one) on everything from current events to the most mundane everyday activities.

The Weekly Driver

The Weekly Driver, online since 2004, features new car reviews, automotive news and trends, and independently produced video content. James Raia, a syndicated automotive columnist, edits and publishes the site, which includes nearly 1,000 reviews dating to 2004 models.

Tourism Interface

Tourism Interface is a site dedicated exclusively to the B2B segment of Tourism, Travel & Allied industries like Tourism Boards & NTO’s, Aviation, Airlines, Tour Operators (Inbound / Outbound), Travel Agents, Travel Agents (Retail / B2B / Others), Hotel & Hospitality Industry members, Cruise Operators & Cruise marketing Companies, Transport Service Providers, Travel Technology Providers, GDS / CRS companies, Online Travel Companies, Destination Management Companies, MICE organisations etc.

The site seeks to promote cooperation, rather than competition, among service providers and Travel companies, and at the same time, it also features reviews of Destinations, Hotels, and Tourist Attractions from a B2B perspective. It is also a platform for sharing Travelogues that offer insights into destinations. The Showcase section allows B2B service providers to showcase their products to their prospective clients in the B2B segment. Coming very soon are features like industry-specific placements and a job-board exclusively for the Tourism industry. is dedicated entirely to market finance and investments topics. The site offers the latest news, stock exchange rates, and trends throughout the day.


TravelTalkMEDIA, established in 2001, is one of the world’s most relevant travel industry new media companies, providing travel-related information, news, and entertainment to the travel and tourism industry worldwide through radio and television/video distribution called TravelTalkRADIO, BusinessTravelRADIO and TravelTalkTelevision.


The programming is distributed to approximately one million listeners in 185 countries each month through online and conventional radio distribution via satellite and cable.  Radio broadcasting reaches listeners through our distribution network, Talk Star Radio in the Western Hemisphere. Sandy Dhuyvetter is the host and the executive Producer of the radio and TV programming and editor of the popular Newsletter.

TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Incorporated

TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Incorporated works with individual and business authors, students, and organizations – providing guidance and specialized editing, design, production, marketing and management services – to help authors grow ideas into professionally published BOOKS.


Two Brothers One Journey

Two Brothers One Journey will give you an insight on what families go through raising children with autism.  We were just an ordinary family whose life took a journey we would never have imagined. Come join us on our journey through autism.

UAV Expert News

UAV Expert News is the leading source for unmanned aerial vehicle and drone news, information, and education. Powered by industry professionals.

Vitamin Retailer

Vitamin Retailer is recognized as the dietary supplement industry’s leading business magazine. VR was the first trade magazine to specifically cover the category of dietary supplements. This trail-blazing editorial focus has firmly established VR as the most credible and reliable source of information pertaining to dietary supplements and related products. Each issue of Vitamin Retailer includes information about vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty supplements, sports nutrition, natural remedies and HBA products. The editorial content in VR is aimed primarily at retailers of dietary supplements, and secondarily toward other industry members including manufacturers and suppliers.


WardrobeTrendsFashion, also known as WTF, is a high-fashion and luxury online portal, featuring fashion lookbooks, campaigns and runway collections; luxury news in the different industries - automobile, aerospace, nautical, dining, watches, jewelry, technology; celebrity news, interviews; as well as charity - activities, events, campaigns by NGOs and non-profit organizations. WTF strives to be the world's largest repository of fashion labels' campaigns and lookbooks from across the globe. WTF readers are international and are mostly from the upper echelons of the business world, C-level executives, experts and personnel from the fashion industry, film industry, and more. Visit WardrobeTrendsFashion at

Western Automotive Journalists

Western Automotive Journalists is an organization of over 80 professional writers, photographers and broadcasters who report on the automotive industry. Founded more than two decades ago, WAJ’s focus is rapidly emerging automotive technology.

What Faith Can Do

What Faith Can Do is a faith-based website focusing on family, home school, inspiration, time management, printables and much more! 

What U Talking Bout Willis

From movie clips to TV show clips to activities for kids and information for their parents, What U Talking Bout Willis provides something for kids of all ages. You'll also find book reviews, product reviews and giveaway promotions.

What VINO - The Beginners Wine Blog is an educational wine blog focused on wine beginners. It provides quick information in different formats about winemaking, wine tasting, wine regions, varieties and wines to learn.

What's New On The Net

What's New On The Net aims to inform the average online user of all the new developments in the world of the Internet. Bringing you up to Net Speed, is its tagline. So be it Internet-related news, views or the newest website, portal, blog or micro-blog, chat or search engine, smartphone or Web app to have hit cyberspace, you will find it here, all of it done using a combination of cutting-edge curation software and human editors.

Where Latin Meets Lagniappe

Join Paige as she cooks up skinny Southern and Latin lean cuisine for her multicultural family. Her blog focuses on creating and presenting tasty and healthy food recipe options for everyone.

Wine Diva Lifestyle

A journey to wine and food. I live my life around what is in my wine glass, the food on my plate, where I am, and my friends around me. Cheers! 


Winederlusting is THE community for travelers to connect and share their passions for wine and wanderlust with one another. With a focus toward the millennial traveler, we aim to inspire like-minded individuals to step outside their doorsteps. Through in-depth wine and travel guides to inspirational travel articles, explore and become educated about the world of wine while learning about how to travel the world for near free.

Witch On Wine

Witch On Wine is written and curated by the witch of wine, Yolanda Shoshana. The blog helps people bewitch their senses with wine through reviews, wine astrology, wine pairings, podcast, recipes and wine news.

Women and Their Pretties

Women and Their Pretties is a Woman's Lifestyle, Travel, and Music Blog. You will find women related tips, topics, and products. Audiences visit for the latest in music, such as album reviews, hot products, events, and big music industry topics. Everyone knows that a woman's point of view is important and that is what Women and Their Pretties provides for their readers. They are always looking for new events, topics, and products to feature! 

Wonen & Interieur

Offering inspiration for house, garden and living, Wonen & Interieur covers the current, hot & happening interior trends in the Netherlands.

World Wide With Kids

World Wide With Kids is a family travel blog taking you on a journey of the highs and lows of full-time family travel, the best jobs abroad for families on the move, and recommendations on amazing accommodations and fun places to visit across the world. Join us as we travel!

World Wind Energy Association

The World Wind Energy Association unites the world of wind energy, with members in more than 100 countries. WWEA promotes the utilization of wind power, with the final goal of a global transition to 100% renewable energy. For this purpose, WWEA provides information and cooperates with governments as well as international organizations - with Special Consultative Status at the United Nations. 


One of the most authentic, reliable and credible news sources in the Gulf, YesGulf provides news about current events, great deals and promotions, as well as the trendiest launches by all kinds of businesses in the UAE.


Young Biz Times

Young Biz Times seeks to promote young entrepreneurs and managers who have boldly overcome challenges and taken risks to build a business — The Next-Gen Entrepreneur. Young Biz Times is a platform for young entrepreneurs, businesses and start-up companies striving for visibility to present their stories for the world to learn and applaud, and promote their business and ideas. We seek to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and disseminate knowledge amongst young and aspiring entrepreneurs in India.

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