FAQs: PR Newswire MediaRoom

Q) Will my MediaRoom look like my company’s Web site?
A) Yes. The extent to which your MediaRoom matches your company’s Web site is based on which product level you select. The highest level includes a complete design match to your existing company Web site. Other levels include logo, banner and color matches to fit within your company branding standards.

Q) How long does it take to set up MediaRoom?
A) It can take as little as a couple of days to a week to get your MediaRoom up and ready for journalists. Timeframes are dependent on the type of design setup necessary and the amount of time it takes for you to populate the site with content.

A typical MediaRoom is live within 2 weeks.

Q) How is MediaRoom hosted?
A) MediaRoom is hosted by PR Newswire with an infrastructure that includes:
Co-location in several facilities
Redundancy at the facility level and at the server level
Real-time backup
Disaster recovery
Load balancing
All contribute to a state-of-the-art hosting environment.

Q) Is my MediaRoom information secure?
A) Yes. PR Newswire's MediaRoom has security at several levels, including facility, servers and databases.

Logins are SSL-encrypted, and there is no merge of client data with other clients in the system.

Q) What if my IT group has questions about MediaRoom that I can't answer?
A) We've worked with hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes in implementing this award-winning service. Since the only "integration" with your main Web site is a navigation link, there is rarely a technical roadblock of any kind.

If you have technical questions about MediaRoom that cannot be answered by your PR Newswire account manager, please contact us and we'll be happy to talk directly with your IT team.

Q) What type of support is offered for MediaRoom?
A) Like all PR Newswire services, MediaRoom is supported by a dedicated team.
Standard support includes e-mail and phone support during normal business hours.
After-hours support is available by contacting the PR Newswire help desk at 1-800-654-7863
A self-help system is accessible via your MediaRoom dashboard.

Q) What if I decide to turn off my MediaRoom down the road?
A) The PR Newswire MediaRoom has a one-year, renewable contract. Should you decide to use another vendor or build the site internally at some point in the future, we would simply turn off the service and you could download any content from the MediaRoom to take with you.

Q) Are international languages supported by MediaRoom?
A) Yes. MediaRoom can support multiple languages. Content is simply loaded into the content management system in the language desired.

Q) How you utilize MediaRoom for international audiences is flexible based on your needs.
Some clients simply upload translated news releases as separate documents, while others build entirely separate MediaRooms for each international audience.

Q) How much does MediaRoom cost?
A) Because we know our clients have various budgets, we developed different levels of the MediaRoom product to fit every price range. All MediaRoom products are priced as an annual subscription fee. There are never any per-user fees associated with MediaRoom, so you can involve as many of your team members as needed to keep your site up-to-date.

Please contact your PR Newswire account manager for specific pricing or e-mail information@prnewswire.com.