Feintuch Communications Provides Customized PR Programs to Diverse Client Base: An Agility Platform Case Study

Feintuch Communications, an award-winning strategic relations firm, was looking for a single media monitoring and targeting platform to handle their diverse client needs. With a clientele covering industries such as clean tech, ad tech, financial services and technology, Feintuch Communications wanted a platform that provided a consistent user experience, allowing them to replicate efforts and processes for each of their clients.

Feintuch Communications – An Agility Platform Case Study discusses:

  • Leveraging monitoring tools to quickly evaluate trends on multiple topics and react accordingly
  • The benefits of an integrated media targeting and content distribution platform to reach journalists covering niche markets
  • How a multifunctional platform can provide flexibility and efficiency to manage PR programs, allowing expert PR teams to focus on their clients

To keep on top of what’s being said about their diverse client base online and in the news and target different niche markets, the Feintuch Communications team turned to PR Newswire’s Agility, a powerful media monitoring and targeting tool designed to streamline the management of PR and communications programs. Agility enables users to listen for topics generating buzz, target key contacts and build focused media lists, share messages through the industry’s largest content distribution network, engage with influencers, and report on the effectiveness of programs and campaigns – all within a single interface.

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