High-Impact PR Planning that Drives ROI & Supports Demand Generation

Marketers face heavy work­loads and hectic schedules as the scope of their work has ex­panded to include social media, content marketing and the con­stant demand for relevant information. While scoping out requirements for your content or demand generation strategy, PR and the wire services often get lost in the shuffle.

High-Impact PR Planning that Drives ROI & Supports Demand Generation discusses:

  • How to identify the stories and content most suited for promotion
  • How to choose which content platforms to engage, and how to develop an editorial content calendar to support your programs
  • Goal-setting for your promotion efforts, and how to establish performance metrics

This checklist tackles how to incorporate PR and social activities during the planning stages of your demand generation programs. It covers steps to take and things to consider while using PR to increase the reach and to drive participation in your most common types of marketing programs. 

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