How to Become an Expert Source for Top-Tier Media

On Demand Webinar Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Successfully getting reporters to feature you, or a colleague within your organization, as their source all comes down to the pitch.

Join us for this FREE webinar as the Wall Street Journal’s Charles Passy and ProfNet members Mark Tardiff and Sara Trunzo of Unity College provide tips for preparing and crafting effective pitches.

Learn from the firsthand experiences of each of our presenters as they share how a recent ProfNet query became a national media hit for Unity College, a small environmental college with less than 600 full-time students.

Maria Perez, Director, News Operations, ProfNet

Sandra Azzollini, Vice President, Online Communities, PR Newswire

Charles Passy, Staff Writer, Wall Street Journal Digital Network

Mark Tardiff, Director of College Communications, Unity College

Sara Trunzo, Food and Farm Products Coordinator, Unity College