Maximizing Content Marketing: Six-Steps to More Agile Engagement

Communications professionals looking to harness the combined forces of owned and earned media are in for some good news and some bad news.

The bad news first: The sheer momentum with which the two are evolving today is swamping many marketing departments. Generating enough high-value content in ways that are meaningful is a monumental challenge in today's always-on media world.

The good news? Owned and earned media were born to leverage off one another - and their combined impact is often far greater than the sum of their parts. Forward looking marketing organizations have already begun working within their organizations to more tightly integrate the work of their owned media / paid media teams. The result is a truly Agile Engagement workflow.

In this FREE whitepaper, a veteran communications professional shares a six-step process for combining marketing and PR techniques – using content marketing and social media to launch a “virtuous cycle” of agile engagement.