PhRMA Increases Blog Readership & Reaches Broader Audiences with Content Syndication

Growing their blog readership and broadening their audience were two key goals for PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and a thought-leader in the biopharmaceutical research industry. One of PhRMA’s key channels for engaging with influencers and stakeholders is its blog: The Catalyst. Consistent growth in blog readership is key to bringing awareness to PhRMA’s brand and industry-leading content.

PhRMA – A Content Syndication Case Study discusses: 


  • The challenges inherent to growing readership and reaching a broader audience for your organization’s blog.
  • The benefits of conducting an A/B test of your content syndication approach to discover the right format for connecting with readers.
  • How to increase blog readership and reach a broader audience through content syndication.


By engaging PR Newswire to send out releases syndicating blog content, PhRMA was able to achieve their goal of driving additional awareness about blog content, increasing readership and reaching a broader audience. 

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