On-Demand Webinar: Expert Tips on Brand Streaming

On-Demand Webinar

60 minutes

"Buzz"..."ping"..."ring" - these are the familiar sounds of our mobile, interactive communications environment. With influencers, customers and prospects just a click away at any point in time, it's become crucial for brands to lend their voices to today's active conversations in order to maintain positive brand visibility, build influence and foster engagement. Enter brand streaming - the practice of publishing content in an ongoing fashion for consumption and amplification within the social and digital ecosystem.

Join us for this FREE webinar as our panelists share brand streaming examples, tactics and tips to help you ensure that your brand is front and center in the minds of your target audiences.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

*How to fuel your brand stream with relevant, engaging content
*The important role of listening
*Why cross-departmental collaboration is critical to brand streaming success

Attendees can download the complimentary white paper, "Earning More Media through Brand Streaming."

Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Social Media, PR Newswire

Rebekah King, Senior Manager, Consumer Communications, Kelley Blue Book

Matt Gentile, Global Director PR and Social Media, Century 21 Real Estate