FAQs: ProfNet Members

Q) How many Opportunities (queries) does ProfNet run each day?
A) ProfNet distributes between 100 and 125 media opportunities each day.
Q) For how many years has ProfNet been sending Opportunities (queries)?

A) ProfNet has been connecting journalists and experts since 1992.
Q) How can I proactively pitch my experts through ProfNet?
A) ProfNet Experts Database is a fully-searchable database for journalists on PR Newswire's media-only site, PR Newswire for Journalists. Profiling your experts in the database allows additional visibility to the hundreds of queries made on that database daily, greatly increasing the chances for additional exposure.
In addition, you may also submit your expert for ProfNet's Expert Alerts.
Q) My expert has a great quote on a timely topic. Can ProfNet's Expert Alerts help me gain exposure?
A) ProfNet’s Expert Alerts are sort of a "reverse query" -- instead of a reporter asking for an expert, a PR person will compile a few sentences "alerting" reporters to an expert who is available to discuss a timely news topic.
LAW: New Patent Rules Equal New Strategies for Lawyers, Companies.
Jim Murphy, intellectual property attorney with Thompson & Knight: “New rules designed to make the government’s patent examination process more efficient likely will force significant change in the way some companies and attorneys manage the process. The rules essentially place limits on the number of continuations that can be filed and on the number of claims that can be made for each application without penalty. It will make it much more expensive and more difficult to justify stringing cases along as a protective or competitive strategy, requiring firms to make a more precise initial set of claims.” Murphy cautions that it may take at least a year to assess the full impact of the new rules, which go into effect Nov. 1. Contact: …
If big news breaks, ProfNet editors may also put together a Topic Alert, which includes various experts on the same topic. Examples of recent Topic Alerts: "Pirate Attacks," "Earth Day," "Legalizing Marijuana," "Stem Cell Research."
Alerts are sent to reporters according to the following feed schedule*:
Business & Technology
Tuesdays: Education & Science
Wednesdays: Government & Law
Thursdays: Health & Medicine
Fridays: Entertainment & Living
 * Subject to change, depending on volume and breaking news.
Alerts are distributed to reporters by e-mail, posted on PR Newswire for Journalists and sent to more than 5,000 news organizations via PR Newswire's US1 national newsline.
To send an Expert or Topic Alert for any of the above feeds, e-mail your Alert to profnetalerts@prnewswire.com. An editor will review your submission.
Q) What is the best way to respond to a ProfNet Opportunity (query)?
A) There are several practices that will help you increase your visibility when responding to a ProfNet Opportunity:

  • Respond prior to the deadline.
  • Include "ProfNet" in the subject line so the reporter will know your e-mail is in response to their ProfNet query and not spam.
  • Be succinct -- Keep it short and on topic.
  • Include qualifications.
  • Avoid attachments.

For additional suggestions, please read our blog post.
Q) Can I filter the Opportunities (queries) I receive from ProfNet?
A) Yes. ProfNet has 13 interest categories (Technology, Banking, Law, etc.) with hundreds of subcategories. You can filter your Opportunities feed to receive only those media leads that fit your area of expertise by logging in to your ProfNet account and selecting the “My Feeds” tab. You can also filter by originator (journalists, researchers, bloggers, etc.) and region.
Q) Can I change how often I receive my ProfNet e-mail notifications?
A) Yes. You can set the schedule of how often you receive e-mail notifications from ProfNet, depending on your preference. You can receive notifications as often as every 30 minutes, or once every 24 hours. To change the frequency of your e-mail notifications, simply log in to your ProfNet account, select the “My Feeds” tab and choose “E-mail Options.”


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