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FAQs: Photo

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AP Archive
AP PhotoExpress
Times Square
Internet Photo Distributions
Assignment Photography


Q) What are the most commonly-used photo distributions?
A) The most common distributions selected by PR Newswire clients are the US1 release plus AP National photo package with US1 (USP), Total Photo Archive (TPA) and Internet Photo Distribution (IPD).

Q) What is the most comprehensive domestic photo distribution?
A) AP PhotoExpress National distribution is PR Newswire’s most comprehensive photo distribution. Photos are sent directly to more than 1,200 media points nationally through AP PhotoExpress and are delivered in seconds via satellite directly into the computer of editors at major daily newspapers, online services, news magazines and TV stations. In addition to the PhotoExpress delivery, photos also get one year of archiving on both NewsCom and AP Images Sites. The distribution also includes Internet Photo Distribution and Times Square Distribution. A link to the photo is included on all Web sites that display the press release (even the sites that do not render the photo). The link can be used for one year in press releases.

Q) What is the difference between archive photos and “push” photos?
A) A “push” photo is sent directly to journalists, whereas an archived photo must be actively sought out by journalists. When a photo is archived, it is available for download for one year on NewsCom and/or AP Images, and journalists must go to the site to download the photo. When a photo is “pushed” with an AP PhotoExpress distribution, it is delivered in seconds via satellite directly to editors at major daily newspapers, online services, news magazines and TV stations. 

Q) Why should I archive my photos?

A) PR Newswire provides archiving to two sites: NewsCom and AP Archive. Both are a popular stop for photo editors because they host images for many of the major photo providers including Agence France Presse, AP, Knight Ridder/Tribune, Getty Images, Reuters and a host of other news and stock image providers. With over 42,000 combined registered users, these archives are among the top photo archives in the world. You can include a link to the photo in your PR Newswire press releases to direct viewers and journalists back to your archived image. Also, journalists searching for a company logo or new product image will have access to the most updated version.

Q) How long are my photos archived?
A) Photos are archived for one year.

Q) What happens to my archived photos after the first year is up?

A) Photos can be renewed for an additional year at a fraction of the cost.

Q) How can I have a thumbnail of my photo accompany my press release on Web sites?

A) Any AP PhotoExpress distribution or Internet Photo Distribution includes rendering of your photo on up to 1,200 sites along with your news release.

Q) How many Web sites will show my photo with my release?
A) Your photo can be rendered alongside your news release on up to 1,200 Web sites that display PR Newswire images and news releases including Yahoo!, MarketWatch, and PR Newswire for Journalists. The actual number of sites that will display the photo depends on the content of the news release, as some of these sites display only a subset of news releases distributed by PR Newswire.

Q) If I distribute more than one photo, will all photos appear with my release?

A) No. If you have more than one photo, you will have to choose which photo you would like to appear with your release.

Q) Is there a discount for multiple photos?

A) Yes. If you are archiving multiple photos, there are discounts available.


Q) What is NewsCom?
A) NewsCom is an online photo archive with an international subscriber base of over 12,000 editors from daily newspapers, trade publications, magazines and broadcast outlets. Through NewsCom, PR Newswire is able to offer password protection of your company's high-resolution photos for media access, as well as an archive of low-resolution photos for public viewing. Companies who archive photos on this site benefit from the high volume of traffic to the site.

Q) How can I download high resolution PR Newswire photos on NewsCom?
A) If you do not yet have a NewsCom account, sign up for one at:

You will receive log-in information in minutes. Once your account is set up, you will have the option to download the high-resolution photos.

AP Archive

Q) What is the AP Images Archive?
A) The AP Images Archive ( provides access to more than 3,000 newspaper, broadcast and commercial publishing customers in 53 countries. AP Images has over 30,000 users.

Q) How many users are registered on the AP Archive?
A) There are over 30,000 users registered on the AP Archive.

AP PhotoExpress

Q) What is AP National photo distribution?

A) Your photo is distributed via satellite directly to over 1,200 media points. Your photo is archived on both NewsCom and AP Archive for one year and also is distributed to our Times Square digital sign. If your photo accompanies a release, it will also receive Internet Photo Distribution to up to 1,200 Web sites, including Yahoo! Finance, and MarketWatch.

Times Square

Q) How do I get my photo on the Reuters sign in Times Square?
A) You can order any of our AP PhotoExpress circuits or Internet Photo Distribution; all of which include Times Square distribution. You can also order a stand-alone Times Square photo with a high-resolution image of your photo displayed on the sign.

Q) Where is the Reuters sign located in Times Square?
A) The Reuters sign is located at 3 Times Square at the Southwest corner of 43rd Street and 7th Avenue.

Q) When will my photo be displayed in Times Square?

A) We generally display our Times Square photos Monday through Friday during morning and evening rush hours (7-10 am and 3:30-7 pm). We cannot predict the exact time that your photo will appear, but we can guarantee one showing.

Q) How will I know when my photo is displayed in Times Square?

A) You will receive an e-mail five business days after your photo is distributed with low-resolution snapshots taken by our webcam. The snapshots are time-stamped, so you will know exactly when and how many times your photo appears on the sign.

Q) Can I choose the time that my photo is displayed in Times Square?

A) No. You cannot choose the time that your photo is displayed in Times Square.

Q) How many times will my photo be displayed in Times Square?

A) Your photo is guaranteed one appearance on the board. Depending on our photo volume and our time on the sign for a particular day, there is a chance that your photo may appear more than once.

Q) Can I purchase a high-resolution photo of my image in Times Square?
A) Yes. We have a professional photographer that captures high-resolution photos of your image as it appears on the sign. The high-resolution photos are digital files sized at 8x10 inches and 300 dpi. We deliver these via e-mail or FTP. We do not offer printing services.

Internet Photo Distributions

Q) What is Internet Photo Distribution?
A) Internet Photo Distribution renders your photo on up to 1,200 sites along with your news release. Sites include Yahoo!, MarketWatch, and ABC Affiliates. Photos are also sent to the Reuters sign in Times Square.

Assignment Photography

Q) How can I order an assignment photographer?
A) You can contact PR Newswire’s assignment photography department at or 201-360-6475. We have a network of professional photographers across the world that can help you capture an event where and when you need it.


Q) Are there international photo distributions available?

A) Yes. International photo distributions are available to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

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