Case Study: How Charmin Used a Multimedia News Release to Reach 24 Million Viewers

Charmin has been America’s favorite bath tissue for over 25 years, offering the softest and strongest innovations in toilet tissues since the 1920’s. Charmin’s constant consumer focus has allowed them to create the best bath tissues and offer them across North America.

In 2007, Charmin introduced two new products, UltraStrong and UltraSoft; and their new slogan, “Rediscover Charmin. Choose the one that’s best for you.” To strengthen the campaign, Charmin sponsored the re-opening of the luxury Charmin Restrooms in New York City’s Times Square during the holiday season, followed by the World’s First Wedding in the Charmin Restrooms.

Charmin and its public relations agency, Manning Selvage & Lee PR (MS&L), approached MultiVu, PR Newswire’s broadcast and multimedia company, to assist with the launch and promotion of the Restrooms. MultiVu created a Multimedia News Release (MNR) and B-roll for the Restroom re-opening and B-roll for the Wedding. These tools were used to promote Charmin’s brand and new products through media channels, online channels, and strategic web placement.

The objectives of this campaign were to alert consumers to the return of the Restrooms, generate media coverage and to deliver messages to consumers about the two types of Charmin toilet tissue – Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong, both of which were available in the Charmin Restrooms, allowing consumer to “choose the one that’s right for them.” Charmin also wanted to take the story beyond local New York coverage to make it a national news feature by breaking through the media clutter during the holidays, and do so in the one of the most branded locations in the world – Times Square.

The strategy of the campaign was to utilize traditional and non-traditional communications tools to create the most integrated launch for Charmin and generate significant publicity around the re-opening of the Times Square Restrooms, and the launch of their two new bath tissues.

MultiVu helped MS&L and Charmin create an MNR and B-roll to promote the re-opening of the Charmin Restrooms and B-roll for the World’s First Wedding in the Restrooms in Times Square, NY. The MNR includes text, high resolution photos, video, and social media links.

MultiVu provided Charmin with expertise from start to finish on both projects from production – supplying cameras, microphones, speakers, video crew, professional editing services, and online video creation – to distribution to more than 4,700 newsrooms and more than 4,000 websites through PR Newswire’s national newsline.

The Restroom re-opening video, which emphasizes the clean, convenient, family-friendly environment of the Restrooms, features New York actress/comedian Molly Shannon while she performs the ceremonial “first flush” and ribbon cutting.

The Charmin Wedding video gives viewers highlights of the ceremony, interviews with the newlyweds, and full coverage of the bride’s dress, made entirely of Charmin bath tissue.

MultiVu used strategic web placement as an additional way to distribute Charmin’s MNR. MultiVu created distinct text adds relating and linking to the URL of the Charmin MNR and placed it on Google, to gain optimal search results. The MNR also included social media links from, Digg, Technorati, Reddit, Newsvine, Google, and Yahoo!. These services offer different ways to bookmark, search for, or share the MNR. The Charmin Wedding video was distributed to 27 different online video sharing websites, such as YouTube and MetaCafe.


The MNR and B-roll for the re-opening of the Charmin Restrooms were released on November 19, 2007. The results were terrific:
The satellite distributed B-roll got 406 airings on 307 stations in 155 markets, reaching 24 million viewers.
The online video received over 2,500 page hits.

The B-roll for the Charmin Wedding was released on December 19, 2007 with astounding results:
The video received 559 airings on 341 stations covering 154 markets, with over 51 million viewers.
The online video received over 50,000 hits on AOL alone.

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