Case Study: How Dominos Pizza Used a Multimedia News Release to Generate 86,000 Views of Its New Video


Since 1960, Domino’s Pizza has been a leader in franchising the pizza delivery business. From its beginning as a single store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, improvement has been an integral part of the Domino’s Pizza mission. With over 8,000 stores worldwide, the company strives to put its customers first.

In 2007, Domino’s introduced Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza. Domino’s Pizza approached MultiVu, PR Newswire’s broadcast and multimedia company, to assist with the announcement of the new product. MultiVu created a Multimedia News Release (MNR), which was used to promote not only the product, but also the television commercial created specifically for the national release.

To raise awareness of the Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza by targeting the TV and online audiences simultaneously, as well as drawing customers to the updated Domino’s website. 

Target Audience

Domino’s target audiences were broadcast, print, and online media, in addition to consumer audiences.


MultiVu recommended using an MNR to promote the Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza because the MNR could incorporate text, videos, several screen shots, and social media links. MultiVu incorporated the television commercial into the MNR so online audiences could view the entire 30 second advertisement from their desktops or handheld devices. One of the screen shots featured a frame from the commercial that displayed guys with larger-than-life facial features illustrating the sensory experience offered by the new pizza. Subsequent screen shots displayed the website locations where customers could “star” in the commercial by adding a personal photo and exaggerate their own facial features. Customers were also directed to areas of the website where they could download free music.

The MNR described the interactivity of Domino’s website, which includes the following: the commercial, where customers can place themselves in the popular advertisement; Domino’s dTracks, a partnership with that allows customers to download free songs from independent artists; and the Fan Fuel Sweepstakes, a contest featuring Domino’s NASCAR driver, David Reutimann.

Finally, the MNR included social media links to, Digg, Technorati, Reddit, newsvine, Google and Yahoo!. These services offer different ways to bookmark, search for, or share the MNR.


The MNR was distributed on February 13, 2007. The results were staggering: there were more than 930 photo downloads; more than 7,600 unique page views, over 86,000 streams on YouTube, and thousands more on sites such as Metacafe, Google Video and AOL Video. The social media links proved helpful, with over 20 popular blogs discussing and linking to the release. These numbers more than triple the results of any other MNR circulated by Domino’s.


"The launch of our Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza included a significant online promotional component in addition to a creative television advertising campaign. The multimedia release with MultiVu gave us a one-stop shopping venue in which to communicate all of the elements of our product launch to the media and the general market. Our release was tremendously successful with the online community. It also proved to be very valuable in driving traffic to our website and getting the message to our target audience," said Dana Harville, Public Relations Manager, Domino's Pizza

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