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Strategic Placement

Media Distribution Be in front of your consumers wherever they are

Now you can reach consumers on the go, when they’re out of their homes and away from their televisions or computers. Get your customized multimedia message in front of people who are going about their daily business—in airports, doctors’ offices, health clubs…in hotels, supermarkets, or taxi cabs.

How it works:

  • Custom multimedia experiences are delivered to the target locations and audiences that meet your specific requirements
  • Messages reach consumers closer to the point of sale and in accordance with their behavior
  • Commuters and potential customers can take note of your compelling content, and go back to their desks to visit your website or even make a purchase
  • Your message ultimately rises above the noise


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Radio & TV Networks & Affiliates Deliver your message via unedited broadcast content.

Radio & TV Networks and Affiliates give you a direct line to your broadcast audience through our partnerships with various channels, stations, and programs. Our broadcast packages deliver your message the way you want it, reaching niche markets and reinforcing your brand, especially in industries that don’t get much air time.

How it works:

  • Strategic placement in 60-second spots – called "In-Focus"– are run during programming breaks on targeted television and radio programs
  • You can produce original Newsbreaks content or use existing scripted content from B-rolls and Satellite Media Tours
  • In-Focus can be selected on an a la carte basis, or bundled with other broadcast video packages, and include placement on national cable networks such as AMC (American Movie Classics) and WE (Women’s Network), through Newsupdate syndication on the ION network, and on DirecTV clusters which include News and Information, Lifestyle, Sports, Kids, and other networks
  • Strategic broadcast placement allows you to focus on specific demographics


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