10-Year Old Aspiring Chef Awarded Top Salad-Maker Honors by Fresh Express In 'Teens for Greens' National Search

Mar 01, 2007, 00:00 ET from Fresh Express

    SALINAS, Calif., March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- In less than a decade, the
 finest culinary institutes of the world may welcome a cooking prodigy:
 10-year-old Tanner Kohn from Simpsonville, S.C. An aspiring chef, Kohn was
 announced today as the Grand Prize winner of the Fresh Express-Do
 Something(TM) Teens for Greens Amazing Search for Fresh Salad Recipe
 Challenge for his "Shrimpsational Caribbean Salad." One of the youngest
 entrants, whose pre-teen age had him competing against others nearly a
 decade older, Kohn receives a $3,500 scholarship to the college or culinary
 school of his choice in addition to the opportunity for his school to
 receive a $10,000 donation from Fresh Express for a salad bar makeover or
 an edible schoolyard.
     The Teens for Greens Amazing Search for Fresh Recipe Challenge --
 initiated by the largest salad company in the world, Fresh Express -- was a
 nationwide search and educational initiative launched in the fall of 2006
 in partnership with the leading youth volunteer organization, Do Something.
 Designed to help young people adopt healthier eating habits, entrants ages
 10-18 were encouraged to submit their own original and "kid-approved" salad
 recipes, underlining their commitment to develop healthy eating habits. The
 Fresh Express "Teens for Greens" program was launched in May 2006 as part
 of the company's ongoing commitment to support a healthy eating message
 directed at teens and to help counteract the nation's youth obesity
     Working with the "Teens for Greens" program, Fresh Express has found
 that many student-age children and teenagers are, despite the allure and
 availability of high-calorie snacks, choosing fresh foods and developing
 modern ways to serve them. In processing entries for the Amazing Search for
 Fresh Recipe Challenge, Fresh Express found evidence that students across
 the country are committed to eating well-and are creative in the process.
     "Pouring through these entries was a delight for our judges as well as
 our own executives," said Tanios Viviani, president of Fresh Express. "It
 was hard to choose one winner -- so many were appealing in taste and
 presentation, as well as being original and easy to prepare. Ultimately, we
 chose Tanner Kohn's recipe as the Grand Prize because his passion for food
 is inspiring for all who want to include more fresh produce in their diets,
 such as Fresh Express salad mixes and kits."
     Grand Prize Winner Kohn, who uses Fresh Express salads and is a member
 of Do Something's volunteer-focused Web community, said he was thrilled to
 compete for the scholarship but most "pumped" about the salad bar makeover
 and how it could impact his own school in suburban Greenville, S.C. "Right
 now, my school is pursuing something called 'Zest Quest' where we are
 learning to exercise and eat healthy foods," Kohn said. "We do not have a
 salad bar or a lot of 'green' choices. It's great to win this and help
     Kohn's salad mixed a from-scratch honey-lime vinaigrette dressing with
 Fresh Express Hearts of Romaine lettuce and toppings such as black beans,
 shrimp and coconut.
     In addition to Kohn, Fresh Express today congratulated several winners
 in sub-categories:
     -- Kansas resident Jon Whitlow, 13, for his zesty "Pepperoni Pizza Salad"
        in the Signature Salad "I Could Eat This Anytime, Anywhere!" Category.
        Whitlow, a Boy Scout who wanted to make a salad that captured the taste
        of pizza, uniquely covered his salad in cheeses with a pesto dressing.
        He is the winner of a video iPod.
     -- Sara Quinn, 17, of Georgia, with her sophisticated "Sara's Smoky
        Shallot Salad," in the Silver Platter Salad "Only For Those Who Are
        Worthy!" Category. Judges were impressed with vegetarian Quinn's use of
        different ingredients such as shallots, asparagus and apples. She is
        the winner of a digital camera.
     -- New Yorker, Eva Amesse, 17, for her colorful and cleverly-titled "Jack
        and the Greenstalk" in the Salad Surprise! "You Added What to Your
        Salad?!" Category. Amesse, a cooking hobbyist whose salad included
        white beans and sunflower seeds, topped the salad with a scattering of
        jelly beans for fun. She is the winner of a digital camcorder.
     A collection of winning recipes may be viewed on the Fresh Express Web
 site, http://www.freshexpress.com as well as in a special edition of Do
 Something's Build magazine.
     About Fresh Express
     Fresh Express, a subsidiary of Chiquita Brands International, Inc.
 (NYSE:   CQB), has been a leader in fresh foods for more than 80 years and is
 dedicated to providing consumers with healthy, convenient ready-to-eat
 spinach, salads, vegetables and fruits. With the invention of its special
 Keep Crisp(TM) bag beginning in the early 1980s, Fresh Express pioneered
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