23rd Annual US Open Ends with Historical Moments

Eddie Wall, Leanne Pelosi, Danny Kass, Gretchen Bleiler, Risto Mattila and

Janna Meyen all earn championship titles

Mar 21, 2005, 00:00 ET from Burton Snowboards

    STRATTON MOUNTAIN, Vt., March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's longest-
 standing snowboarding event ended today with Janna Meyen and Risto Mattila
 winning the slopestyle finals and young rippers Ellery Hollingsworth and
 Matthew Ladley earning junior jam titles.
     This year's US Open will definitely leave its mark on the snowboarding
 history books. Danny Kass became the first rider ever to win four US Open
 halfpipe titles. It was Tricia Byrnes' 16th consecutive year competing at the
 Open. Janna Meyen won her first US Open title since she won the women's
 halfpipe contest in 1991. And for the first time ever, three siblings -- Abe,
 Elijah and Hannah Teter -- all made it to the halfpipe finals. The weather
 also made its own history with bluebird skies and mild temperatures for all
 three days of final competitions -- a landmark event in itself for late March
 in Southern Vermont.
     The moment all the competitors were waiting for -- the announcement of the
 male and female Volvo winners -- was the grand finale of the Open. Risto
 Mattila won the men's Volvo Best Performance Award for his sixth place
 standing in the men's halfpipe finals and his victory in the slopestyle
 contest. And Leanne Pelosi won the Volvo for the ladies after her first place
 win in the rail jam, competing in the halfpipe semifinals and placing second
 in the slopestyle contest. Both riders won the keys to a new Volvo V50 Sports
 Wagon. Up-and-coming riders Danny Davis and Spencer O'Brien earned a new Ski-
 Doo Summit Adrenaline 600 snowmobile after clinching the Ski-Doo Outstanding
 Rookie Award.
     "This is the biggest thing that has ever happened to me," said Risto.
 "$20,000 and a car -- I can't believe it. I had high hopes when I came here,
 but I never thought I would win it ...  it's just insane."  Leanne was also
 super stoked on her win. "It's amazing to win the most prestigious event of
 the year. I just wanted to come here and do my best. My mom was here watching
 me, so she's my good luck charm now."
     In the final contest, the ladies kicked off the slopestyle event and each
 had two runs to try and win the title and $20,000. Most of the women struggled
 a bit in their first runs, but made up for it in their second runs. Slopestyle
 super star Janna Meyen stomped an impressive second run to take the title with
 a frontside 5, backside 5, Cab 3 and Cab 7. Her Cab 7 on the fourth hit also
 earned her the $5000 Tylenol Best Trick award, increasing her paycheck to
 $25,000 for the day. US Open rail jam champion Leanne Pelosi took second place
 and Natasza Zurek rounded out the slopestyle podium with a third place
     With a fully loaded lineup of seasoned pros and up-and-coming young
 riders, the men's slopestyle contest featured some of the best riding of the
 season. Finnish rider Risto Mattila stole the show with his switch backside 7,
 Cab 9, frontside 9, Cab 5 and a frontside boardslide on the flat ledge. Jussi
 Oksanen earned the second place spot on the podium as well as the $5000
 Tylenol Best Trick Award with his switch backside 9 to Lein. And Andreas Wiig
 earned third place with a super solid second run that included a Cab 7, switch
 backside 9, backside 7 and frontside 5.
     While the big guns were competing in slopestyle, the future stars of
 snowboarding were throwing down in junior jam. Mini rippers who were thirteen-
 years-old and younger competed in the full-size US Open superpipe for a US
 Open title. This year's champions were Matthew Ladley and Ellery
     SoBe Sick Trick Award-$2,500 and a Motorola phone- Alexis Waite
      1st - Leanne Pelosi - $10,000
      2nd - Hana Beaman - $5,000
      3rd - Spencer O'Brien - $2,000
      4th - Marie-France Roy - $1,000
     SoBe Sick Trick Award-$2,500 and a Motorola phone- Chris Rotax
      1st - Eddie Wall - $10,000
      2nd - Yale Cousino - $5,000
      3rd - Jed Anderson - $2,000
      4th - Sylvain Beauchesne - $1,000
     Nintendo DS Best Trick Award- $5000 and a Motorola phone-Torah Bright
      1st - Gretchen Bleiler - $20,000
      2nd -Torah Bright - $10,000
      3rd - Hannah Teter - $5,000
      4th - Tricia Byrnes - $2,000   5th - Junko Asazuma - $1,500
     Nintendo DS Best Trick Award- $5000 and a Motorola phone-Abe Teter
      1st - Danny Kass - $20,000
      2nd -Steve Fisher - $10,000
      3rd - Antti Autti - $5,000
      4th - Keir Dillon - $2,000   5th - Danny Davis - $1,500
     Tylenol Best Trick Award- $5000 and a Motorola phone - Janna Meyen
      1st - Janna Meyen - $20,000
      2nd - Leanne Pelosi - $10,000
      3rd - Natasza Zurek - $5,000
      4th - Jamie Macleod - $2,000   5th - Marie-France Roy - $1,500
     Tylenol Best Trick Award- $5000 and a Motorola phone - Jussi Oksanen
      1st - Risto Mattila - $20,000
      2nd - Jussi Oksanen - $10,000
      3rd - Andreas Wiig - $5,000
      4th - Scott Lago - $2,000   5th - Matt Dano - $1,500
      1st - Ellery Hollingsworth
      2nd - Melina Shaw
      3rd - Brook Shaw
      1st - Matthew Ladley
      2nd - Spencer Shaw
      3rd - Broc Waring
     Risto Mattila -Volvo V50 Sports Wagon
     Leanne Pelosi - Volvo V50 Sports Wagon
     Danny Davis - Ski-Doo Summit Adrenaline 600 snowmobile
     Spencer O'Brien - Ski-Doo Summit Adrenaline 600 snowmobile
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     The Open Snowboarding Championships are the pinnacle snowboarding events
 of the season. Founded by Jake Burton, the Opens have grown from grassroots
 events to global spectacles attracting tens of thousands of spectators and
 riders from around the world. Since the beginning, the Opens have been driven
 by riders, for riders evolving with snowboarding and riders' needs over the
 years. The Opens welcome all riders to compete, giving locals, amateurs and
 pros an equal shot at a world-class title. With events held in Europe, Japan,
 the United States and New Zealand, the Opens set the standard for snowboarding
 events around the globe. Thanks to 2005 sponsors Burton Snowboards, Stratton
 Mountain, Motorola, Volvo, SoBe Beverages, Nintendo, GORE-TEX(R), FHM and Paul
 Mitchell for helping make the Open snowboarding's most anticipated event.

SOURCE Burton Snowboards